1st Thessalonians

1st Thessalonians Chapter 5

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Tiff For Night

1. My pipo, about di time and season wey dis tin go happun, I no need to write una about am.

2. Unasef know wella sey di day wen Christ go show—e go be like tiff for night.

3. Wen pipo dey tok sey, “Peace and safety,” scata-scata go come meet dem sharply, like pain wey woman dey feel wen she wan born, and dem no go fit escape.

4. But my brodas, una no dey inside darkness, sote dat day go con surprise una like tiff.

5. All of una na sons of di light, and sons of di day. We no belong to night or darkness.

6. So, make we no be like odas wey dey sleep, but make we dey watch [soji yoursef], and make we serious.

7. Those pipo wey dey sleep—dey sleep for night, and those pipo wey dey jogodo—dey jogodo for night.

8. But since we belong to di day, make we dey serious—by wearing faith and love as awa fighting-cloth, and wear di hope of awa salvation— as awa helmet.

9. Baba-God no call us to con dey vex for us, but make we for receive salvation tru awa Oga Jesus Christ,

10. wey die for us so dat whether we dey alive or we don kpeme—we fit live togeda wit am.

11. So make una ginger unasef, and teach each oda, as una dey do so. Las-las Advice

12. My pipo, biko respect those pipo wey dey serve among una—wey dey lead una inside Christ, and wey dey correct una,

13. respect dem fully wit love becos of dia work, and make una live in peace wit unasef.

14. And we dey beg una brodas, warn those pipo wey dey do anyhow, ginger pipo wey no get strong heart, epp pipo wey no- strong, and dey patient wit everi- pesin.

15. Make sure sey una no do bad to those pipo wey dey do una bad, but always hustle for beta tin for yoursef, and for everi-pesin.

16. Always dey happy;

17. No stop to dey pray.

18. Give tanks for everitin, becos dis na wetin Baba-God like make pipo wey belong to Christ Jesus dey do.

19. No quench di Spirit.

20. No fashi prophecies.

21. Test everitin, keep di good one.

22. Komot hand f rom everitin wey be evil.

23. Now, make Baba-God hinsef—di God of peace, make you holy kpatakpata, and make he keep your whole spirit, soul and body, to dey perfect—wen awa Oga Jesus Christ go land.

24. Baba-God wey call una dey faithful, and he go do am.

25. My pipo, pray for us.

26. Greet all di brodas and sistas wit holy kiss.

27. I dey beg una wit di name of Oga Jesus, make una read dis letter to all God-pipo.

28. Make di grace of awa Oga Jesus Christ dey wit una. Iseee!


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