1st Timothy

1st Timothy Chapter 1

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1. Dis letter na from Paul, wey be disciple of Christ Jesus by di command of Baba-God awa Saviour, and Christ Jesus wey be awa hope.

2. I dey write to Timothy wey be my pikin inside di faith; Make Baba-God di Fada, and Christ Jesus awa Oga—give you grace, mercy, plus peace.

Warning Against Fake Teachers of Di Law

3. As I beg you wen I go Macedonia, stay for Ephesus, so dat you fit tell dem make dem no teach any oda teaching.

4. No let dem waste dia time dey reason some kain tori, or about who born who. All dis kain tins dey cos argument, instead of good teaching—inside faith.

5. Di koko of awa message, na love from pure heart, and beta mind, plus real faith. 6. But some pipo don miss-road, dem don turn komot from dis tins, con dey miss-yarn.

7. Dem wan be teachers of di law, but dem no know wetin dem dey tok about, or wetin dem dey use dia full mind tok.

8. But we know sey di law dey good, if pesin use am in di right away

9. We still know sey dem no make di law for righteous pipo, but na for pipo wey no dey obey di law, disobedient pipo, wicked pipo, sinners, pipo wey no holy, and pipo wey no dey fear Baba-God; for pipo wey dey kill dia papa or mama, and for killers,

10. for pipo wey dey sex anyhow, men wey dey climb dia fellow men, for kindappers, liars, pipo wey dey lie under oath—and anytin wey dey opposite of good teaching,

11. based-on di levels of di good news of di blessed God, wey I dey in charge of.

Baba-God Grace For Paul

12. I tank Christ Jesus awa Oga, wey give me strength, becos he count me as faithful pesin, and he choose me for hin work.

13. Even though I bin dey bad-mouth Baba-God, I show God-pipo pepper, and I bin dey rude; Baba-God sorry-for me becos I no know wetin I bin dey do, and I do am becos I no believe.

14. And Baba-God grace pour-throway for my body, wit faith and love wey dey inside Christ Jesus.

15. Dis na words wey you fit trust, and wey you suppose accept: Jesus Christ come inside dis world to save sinners—and na me be di baddest guy.

16. But na wetin make Baba-God sorry-for me be dat, so dat Jesus Christ go show everi patience inside me first—as example for those pipo wey go believe am, con receive everlasting life.

17. Now all respect, plus levels unto di King wey dey live forever, wey no fit kpeme, wey pipo no fit see, di only wise God, forever and ever—Iseee.

18. Timothy, my son, I dey give you dis message—based-on di prophecies wey dem tok about you before, so dat dem go fit epp you fight well for Christ,

19. as you dey keep your faith wit clean mind—dis na wetin some pipo don fashi, and naso dia ship of faith take wreck.

20. Among dem na; Hymenaeus and Alexander—wey I pursue komot, con carry give Satan—to teach dem make dem no dey down-grade Baba-God.


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