1st Timothy

1st Timothy Chapter 2

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How Pipo Suppose To Dey Worship

1. Now, I dey beg you first of all, to pray for all pipo, ask Baba-God to epp dem; epp dem pray, and tank Baba-God for dem.

2. Pray for kings and everi- pesin wey dey for govment, so dat we go fit live quiet life, wit peace, wit all goodness, plus clean- heart.

3. Dis kain tin good, and e dey make body sweet Baba-God awa Saviour, 4. wey wan make all men dey saved, and make dem sabi di truth.

5. Na one God dey, and one peace-maker—Christ Jesus, wey fit settle men wit Baba-God.

6. Christ give hinsef as payment for freedom of all men; dis na di message wey Baba-God give di world for di right time.

7. And Baba-God choose me as messenger and disciple, to teach world-pipo [Gentiles] about faith and truth. I dey tok di truth inside Christ, and I no dey lie.

8. I wan make men pray for everi-where, wit dia holy hands up—to pray wit-out vex, and wit- out two-mind.

9. I wan make women sef dey dress well, make dem wear beta cloth wey go make pipo respect dem, no be wit hair wey dem braid, or gold,or jewelries, or dress wey cost well-well,

10. but wit good works wey women wey dey worship Baba-God—suppose dey do.

11. Make women learn in silence and make dem obey fully.

12. I no gree make woman dey teach men or make man dey under woman, but make she dey silent.

13. Baba-God make Adam first, before Eve.

14. And no be Adam devil play wayo; na di woman devil deceive—and she con commit sin.

15. But women go dey saved as dem dey born pikin, if dem kontinu in faith, love, holiness plus self-control.


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