1st Timothy

1st Timothy Chapter 3

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Oga-At-Di-Top Plus Deacons

1. Dis na faithful yarnings: If any-pesin really wan be oga-at- di-top (Bishop), na beta work he wan do so.

2. Di oga-at-di-top must be pesin wey no get error, man wey get only one wife, man wey dey control hinsef, man wey serious and wey dey reason, wey get beta character, man wey fit take care of pipo, and wey fit teach,

3. man wey no dey jogodo, wey no like fight, wey no get longatrot for moni, but wey dey do jeje, man wey no like quarrel, and wey no get ogboju.

4. He must dey manage hin own family well-well, and wey hin pikin dey obey am wit full respect.

5. If any-pesin no sabi manage hin own family, how he go fit take care of Baba-God church?

6. He must be pesin wey don tey inside Baba-God mata, if not—he go dey carry shoulder up, con fall inside di same punishment wey devil dey face.

7. He must be pesin wey pipo dey respect outside church, so dat he no go fall enta disgrace, and inside devil trap.

8. Deacons sef, suppose be men wey pipo dey respect, men wey get clean-heart, men wey no get two-mouth, or wey no dey drink anyhow, and wey no get longatrot for moni.

9. Dem must keep di deep truth of di faith—wit clean mind.

10. Dem must pass tru test; and if dem no shit-for-church, make dem serve as deacons.

11. Dia wife sef suppose be woman wey pipo dey respect, no be woman wey get bad-mouth, but woman wey dey do jeje, and wey dey faithful for everitin.

12. Make deacons be man wey get only one wife, and wey fit take care of hin pikin and hin family well-well.

13. Those pipo wey serve well as deacons—go gain respect from odas, and full-mind for di faith wey dey inside Christ Jesus.

14. I dey write dis tins to you now, even though I hope sey I no go tey to come meet you,

15. but if I tey come, I dey write to you—so dat you go sabi behave well for inside Baba-God house, wey be di church of di living God—di pillar plus foundation of di truth.

16. And wit-out questions, di deep-matas about Baba-God way—na ogbonge: Baba-God show-face wit man body, and di Spirit make am pure. Angels see am, and dem preach about am among di nations [Gentiles], dem believe am inside di world, and Baba-God carry am go heaven wit levels.


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