1st Timothy

1st Timothy Chapter 4

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Yarnings About Wetin Timothy Suppose

1. Now di Spirit don tok korokoro sey lata, some pipo go fashi di faith, con dey follow spirit wey dey play dem wayo, and tins wey bad-spirits dey teach,

2. dem go dey tok lie inside dia fake-life, and hot iron don burn dia conscience.

3. Dem no gree marry, and dem sey e dey wrong for pipo to chop some kain food. But Baba-God make those food for pipo to chop wit tanks-giving—by those pipo wey believe and wey sabi di truth.

4. Everitin wey Baba-God make—dey good, and make we no reject anytin—but receive am wit appreciation,

5. becos we know sey e don clean—tru Baba-God word, plus prayer.

6. If you teach di brodas dis tins, you go be good messenger of Christ Jesus, wey grow up inside di yarnings of faith, and di good teaching wey you don follow wit jeje.

7. But fashi evil tori, and story-for-di-gods; instead, train yoursef to dey do beta tins.

8. Fisikal exercise go epp you small, but beta character make-sense pass for everi way, since nahin hold di promise of dis life, and di life wey go come.

9. Dis na yarnings wey you fit trust, and wey pesin suppose accept fully.

10. Nahin make us dey work hard and endure shame, becos we trust in di living God, wey be di Saviour of all men, especially those pipo wey believe.

11. Teach dis tins, and make sure sey everi-pesin learn dem.

12. No let any-pesin look you wit small-eyes becos you dey young, but make your words, life style, love, spirit, faith, and pure heart—be example for di pip wey believe Baba-God word.

13. Until I show, spend time for reading, preaching, and teaching.

14. No fashi di talent wey dey inside you, wey you receive tru di message of prophecy, and wit di senior-men wey lay dia hands for your body.

15. Meditate on dis tins; give your whole life to dem—so dat everi-pesin go fit see your progress.

16. Watch your life and wetin you dey teach. Kontinu to do dem, becos as you dey do am—nahin you go fit save yoursef and di pipo wey dey hear you.


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