1st Timothy

1st Timothy Chapter 5

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Advice About Widow, Senior- pipo Plus Slaves

1. No correct senior-man wit harsh way, but follow am tok am wit jeje—like sey na your popsy, and treat younger men like brodas.

2. Treat women wey old pass you like your mama, and respect women wey young pass you, wit pure mind, like sey dem be your sistas.

3. Take care of widows wey need epp, and wey dey alone.

4. But if widow get pikin or grandpikin, make dem first sabi dia religion by paying back good tins to dia mama, papa, grandpapa, plus grandmama. Dis tin na good tin wey Baba-God like.

5. Di widow wey need epp, and wey dey alone for dis world—dey put her trust on Baba-God. She dey always ask Baba-God for epp, and she dey pray for night and day.

6. But di widow wey just dey flex—don already kpeme, even as she dey alive.

7. Command di church to do all dis tins, so dat everi-pesin go do di right tin.

8. If any-pesin no provide for hin family-pipo, especially those pipo wey dey for hin house, dat pesin don fashi di faith, and di pesin worse pass world-pipo.

9. No count any widow join—unless she don pass sixty years old, and she bin dey faithful to her husband.

10. Make she be pesin wey dey do beta tins like; taking care of small small pikin, accepting strangers, washing di legs of God-pipo, to epp pipo wey dey inside wahala, and to serious for everi kain beta works.

11. As for widows wey still young, no count dem join. Wen dia konji don over-pawa dia seriousness for Christ—dem go wan marry.

12. Dem don commit sin be dat, as dem don fashi dia first faith.

13. Apart from dat, dem go con sabi dey jobless, con dey waka from one house to anoda, and no be only sey dem go dey jobless—but dem go dey do amebor, and dey shuuk-mouth for oda pesin business, and dem go con dey miss-yarn.

14. So I wish sey young widows go marry, make dem get pikin, make dem take care of dia house, and make dem no let di enemy see any chance to bad- mouth dem.

15. Some of dem don already waka miss road, go follow Satan.

16. If any man or woman wey be believer get widow for inside dia family, make she epp dem, and make she no carry dia palava come church, so dat di church go fit epp those widows wey really need epp, and wey dey alone.

17. Dem suppose cut-cap for di leaders wey dey do beta work, especially those pipo wey dey work hard to tok di word, and teach.

18. Di Holy-books tok sey, “No cover malu mouth [to stop am make e no chop] as e dey work for di harvest ground,” and, “Workers wey work suppose collect dia salary [where man dey work nahin he day chop].”

19. No allow any-pesin carry mata put for senior-pesin head, except na two or three witness confam di mata.

20. For publik nahin you go take correct those pipo wey dey commit sin, so dat oda pipo go fear.

21. I dey beg you wit Baba-God, and Oga Jesus Christ, plus di highest angels—no look any-pesin face as you dey observe dis tins, and no do anytin wit partiality.

22. No use rush lay your hands—to choose church leaders, and no share inside oda pipo sin. Keep yoursef pure.

23. Stop to dey drink only water, drink small ogogoro—to epp your belle, and as you dey sick anyhow.

24. Some men dey commit korokoro sin—sote dia judgement don already dey for dia front, but di evil wey some pipo dey do go show lata-lata.

25. Naso some pipo good works sef dey show, and one day pipo go see di beta works wey no dey show now.


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