1st Thessalonians

1st Timothy Chapter 6

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1. All workers suppose respect dia oga fully, so dat pipo no go bad-mouth Baba-God name, and awa teaching.

2. Those pipo wey get oga wey believe in God—no suppose show half respect for dia oga becos dem be fellow believers. Instead, make dem serve dia oga more- more, becos dia oga wey dem dey serve—believe in God, and he dear to dem. Timothy, na dis tins you suppose teach, and ginger dem to do.

To Love Moni

3. If any-pesin teach anoda tin, and e no follow di full message of awa Oga Jesus Christ, and di message wey dey based-on goodness,

4. dat pesin dey feel-big, and he be olodo, and e like to dey kwanta, and a rgue about yarnings—wey dey cos jealousy, biff, bad-mouth, and monitoring spirit,

5. yeye kwanta among men wey wey dia mind don bend, and pipo wey don fashi di truth. Dem believe sey Baba-God mata na office to dey scam pipo. No follow dis kain pipo. 6. To chop belleful wit clean-heart na big gain.

7. We no carry anytin come dis world, and we no go carry anytin komot from dis world.

8. But if we get enuff food and clothes, make we dey okay wit wetin we get.

9. Pipo wey wan make plenty moni—go fall for temptation, trap, and inside plenty bad tins wey dia body dey scratch dem to do—wey fit wound dem, kill dem, and even make dem kpeme, and suffer punishment forever.

10. Di love of moni na di root of all kain evil tins. Becos some pipo eyes dey shuuk for moni, dem don waka komot from di faith—con shuuk demsef wit plenty sadness.

Fight Di Beta Fight

11. But you wey be man of God, komot hand from all dis kain tins, con follow righteousness, good life, faith, love, endurance and jeje spirit.

12. Fight di beta fight of faith, hold di everlasting life wey Baba-God call you for—wey you don tok about well-well, for front of plenty pipo.

13. I dey tell you for front of Baba￾God—wey dey give life to everitin, plus Christ Jesus—wey tok well for front of Pontius Pilate,

14. to do di tins wey I dey tell you to do wit-out comma, or blame—until awa Oga Jesus land.

15. For di right time, Christ go show-face from heaven—by di blessed and only Almighty Baba-God wey be di Igwe of Igwe, and Oga of oga.

16. Na only am dey live forever, and he dey stay for inside light wey no-pesin fit reach—sote no human being fit see am or near am. Nahin get all di respect and pawa forever. Amen.

17. Teach those pipo wey get moni for dis world, make dem no dey make-mouth or put dia hope for moni wey no sure, but make dem put dia hope on Baba-God, wey dey give us everitin rekpete—so dat we go fit chop life.

18. Tell dem to use dia moni do beta tins, so dat dem go fit get plenty beta works, and make dem dey ready to give, and ready to share wit odas,

19. and to build good foundation for demsef—for di time wey dey come, so dat dem go hold everlasting life.

20. Oh Timothy, guard wetin dem don trust put for your hand. No disrespect Baba-God, no miss-yarn, and komot from di lies wey pipo dey take as truth.

21. Some pipo don already waka komot from di faith—by following those kain yeye tins. Make Baba-God grace dey wit you. Iseee.


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