2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 1

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Paul Throway Salute

1. Dis letter na from Paul wey be apostle of Jesus Christ—by di will of Baba-God, and from awa broda Timothy. I dey write to di church of Baba-God wey dey for Corinth, and to all God-pipo wey dey around Achaia:

2. Make Baba-God awa Papa, plus Oga Jesus Christ—give una grace plus peace.

Di God Of Everi Comfort

3. Blessings for Baba-God and Papa of awa Oga Jesus Christ, di Papa wey dey sorry-for pipo, and di God of everi comfort.

4. He dey comfort us for awa palava, so dat we sef go fit comfort those pipo wey get palava—wit di comfort wey we don get from Baba-God.

5. Di more we dey suffer for Christ, naso awa comfort sef go burku—tru Christ.

6. If we face palava—na for una comfort and salvation—wey una need to endure di same suffer-head wey we dey face. Or if we get comfort, na for una comfort and salvation.

7. And we get strong hope for una, becos we know sey as una dey share inside di suffer-head wit comfort sef.

8. Brodas, we wan make una know about di suffer-head wey we face around Asia—sey we dey under serious kasala, di kasala pass wetin we fit bear, sote awa mind con dey shake for life.

9. True-true, we feel sey we go die. But dis tin happun so datwe no go depend on awa own pawa, but on Baba-God wey dey raise di dead.

10. He don save us from serious kasala wey fit kill pesin, and he go still save us. Nahin we trust to still save us,

11. as una dey epp us togeda to pray for us, so dat plenty pipo go give tanks—becos of us, for di gift wey come meet us tru plenty pipo prayers.

Paul Change Hin Plans

12. Na wetin we take dey make-mouth be dis: Awa conscience confam am sey we don live simple life, wit clean heart from Baba-God for everitin wey we do inside di world, especially as we take relate wit una well-well. No be based-on awa human wisdom, but na by Baba-God grace.

13. We no dey write any oda tin to una, pass wetin una fit read and understand, and now I believe sey una go understand kpatakpata,

14. as una don understand us small—sey na we dey make una make-mouth, as we sef dey use una make-mouth for di day wen awa Oga Jesus go show.

15. Since I get full mind about una understanding, I bin plan to come visit una first, so dat una go get double blessing.

16. I bin plan to visit una first—as I dey go Macedonia, and I go still come visit una wen I dey come back from Macedonia, so una go epp me for my journey to Judea.

17. Abi I bin get two-mind wen I plan am? Abi una tink sey I dey plan anyhow like world-pipo wey go sey, “Yes,” wen dem mean “No”?

18. But as long as Baba-God still dey faithful, awa message to una no be “Yes” and “No.”

19. Di Son of God—Jesus Christ, wey me, Silas, plus Timothy preach to una, no be “Yes” and “No,” but wit am—na always “Yes.”

20. But all Baba-God promise inside am—na, “Yes.” And na tru am we dey ansa, “Amen” to di glory of Baba-God.

21. Na Baba-God dey make us stand kamkpe for Christ along wit una, and he don anoint us inside Baba-God,

22. nahin still put sign for awa body—to mark us as hin property, con give us di Spirit inside awa heart as guarantee.

23. Baba-God na my witness—wit my life, na becos I no wan disturb una, nahin make me no come back to Corinth.

24. No be sey we dey use gra-gra for una faith, but we dey work wit una to make una happy, becos una stand gidigbam inside una faith.


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