2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 10

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Paul Defend Hin Work

1. Wit di softness and jeje of Christ, me, Paul—dey beg una. I dey lowkey wen I dey wit una, but I get full-mind wen I no dey around una!

2. So, I dey beg una now, so dat wen I land, I no go show mysef wit full-mind against some pipo wey tink sey we dey live based-on di world level.

3. Even though we dey live for di world, we no dey fight war as world pipo take dey fight.

4. Di weapons wey we dey use dey fight war—no be di weapons of dis world. Instead, dem be ogbonge tru Baba-God—to bring down any strong- house.

5. We dey break down any argument, and everi high tin wey dey feel-big against di good news of Baba-God. We dey seize everi reasoning to obey Christ.

6. And once una don dey obey fully, we go dey ready to punish everi disobedience.

7. You dey look tins based- on how e be for outside? If any- pesin dey convinced for hinsef sey he belong to Christ, make he reason di mata again, sey we belong to Christ as hinsef belong.

8. Even if I dey make- mouth about di pawa wey Baba-God give us to teach and not to drag una go down, shame no go catch me.

9. I no wan make e be like sey I dey make fear catch una wit my letters.

10. Some pipo tok sey, “Hin letters get weight plus pawa, but he no get levels if you see am, and wetin he dey tok no make-sense.”

11. Those kain pipo suppose know sey wetin we be inside awa letter wen we no dey around, na di same way we be wen we dey around.

12. We no fit put awasef for di same level wit some pipo wey dey praise demsef. Wen dem use demsef measure demsef, con compare demsef wit demsef, dem no get-sense.

13. We no go make-mouth pass awasef, but we go only make- mouth for di area wey Baba-God don give us, and awa work wit una sef join.

14. So, we no dey do pass awasef [as if we no get di authority to come meet una], na una we carry di good news of Christ come meet.

15. No be sey we dey cross awa boundary—con dey use oda pipo hustle dey make-mouth. Awa hope be sey, make una faith kontinu to dey grow, so dat di areas wey we dey work wit una go grow wella.

16. So dat we go fit preach Baba-God word for oda far-far areas from here, where no-pesin dey preach. We no wan make-mouth wit di work wey anoda man don already do for hin area.

17. But, “Any-pesin wey wan make-mouth, make e make- mouth wit Jah.”

18. No be di pesin wey dey praise hinsef nahin Baba-God go confam, but na di pesin wey Baba-God praise.


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