2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 11

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Paul And Di Fake Apostle

1. I hope sey una fit manage small of my yeye reasoning; but nahin una don already dey do so.

2. I dey jealous una wit holy jealousy. I promise una one husband—Christ, so dat I go carry una give am as pure virgin.

3. But I dey fear sey as di snake take play Eve wayo, una mind sef fit corrupt from di simpleness, wey dey inside Christ.

4. If pesin come preach anoda Jesus wey different from di Jesus wey we preach, or different Spirit from di one wey una don accept, or different message from di one wey una believe—una fit follow am.

5. But I no dey reason sey na me be di smallest among di “Apostles wey get levels.”

6. I fit no sabi tok well- well, but I know tins. We don cool down show una as we be for everi way.

7. Abi na sin I commit becos I low my level, so dat I go fit raise una level go up—by preaching di good news of Baba-God to una free of charge?

8. I rob oda churches by collecting moni from dem—just to serve una.

9. And wen I bin dey wit una and I need sometin, I no ask any-pesin for moni, di brodas wey come from Macedonia give me wetin I need. I don make sure sey I no be like load for una in any way, and naso I go kontinu to dey do.

10. As e sure sey di truth of Christ dey inside me, no-pesin for around Achaia go fit stop me make I no make-mouth about dis tin.

11. Why? Becos I no love una? Baba-God know sey I love una!

12. And I go kontinu to do wetin I dey do, so dat I go fall di hand of those pipo wey dey fyne chance to reason sey dem dey di same level wit us, wit di tins wey dem dey make-mouth about.

13. Those men na fake apostles, wayo men, 419 wey dey pretend sey dem be apostles of Christ.

14. And no wonder, even Satan hinsef dey pretend as angel of light.

15. So no be big deal if hin servants dey pretend as servants of goodness. Las-las, dem go get di punishment wey fit dem.

Paul Make-mouth About Hin Suffer-head

16. I dey tok am again: Make no-pesin tink sey I be mugu. But even if una tink sey I be mugu, make una listen to me as una go take listen to mugu, so dat l go fit make-mouth small.

17. As I dey make-mouth about myself, I no dey tok as Christ go tok, but I dey tok like mugu.

18. As many pipo dey make-mouth about wetin dem don do for dis world, me sef go make- mouth.

19. Aftall, una tink sey una too get-sense, but una enjoy to dey wit mugu!

20. Una even dey follow pesin wey turn una to slave, collect everitin wey una get, turn una to maga, dey feel-big for una, or slap una for face.

21. Shame dey catch me to tok sey we no get pawa to do dat kain tin! But anytin wey dem dey use make- mouth, I dey tok as mugu again—me sef fit use am make- mouth.

22. Dem be Hebrew? Me sef na Hebrew. Dem be Israelite? Naso I be sef. Dem be Abraham pikin-pikin-pikin? Me sef na Abraham pikin-pikin-pikin.

23. Dem be Christ servant? I know sey I don get scoin-scoin to dey tok like dis, but I don serve Christ pass di way dem serve! I don work hard wella, I don enta prison well-well, dem don flog me seriously, and I don dey for di mouth of death plenty times.

24. Di Jews don flog me thirty-nine lashes—five different times.

25. Dem don beat me three times wit iron, dem don stone me once, my ship don kpafuka three times, I don spend one night and one day for di big-river wey open wide.

26. I always dey on di move, I don risk my life for rivers, I don risk my life for arm robbers, my own kontri-pipo wan kill me, world-pipo [Gentiles] wan kill me sef; I don risk my life inside di city, I don risk my life for inside desert, I don risk my life for inside big-river; I don risk my life wit fake brodas.

27. I don taya, and I don suffer-suffer, and sometimes I no fit sleep for night. Hungry don beat me and I no see water to drink, and I dey always fast; cold don catch me, and I no see cloth to wear.

28. Apart from everitin, I dey face wahala everi day—becos of my concern for all di churches.

29. Who dey weak, and I no dey feel weak for am? Who dey waka enta sin, and my mind no para for am?

30. If I must make-mouth, I go make-mouth wit di tins wey dey show my weakness.

31. Baba-God, di Papa of awa Oga Jesus, wey dey blessed forever, know sey I no dey lie.

32. For Damascus, d i govnor wey dey under king Aretas sey make sojas guard di city of di Damascenes so dat dem go gbab me,

33. but men use rope drop me wit basket from one window wey dey for di wall, and naso I take escape from hin hand.


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