2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 12

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Paul Vision

1. I must kontinu to dey make-mouth. But I know sey I no go gain anytin, I go tok about visions plus revelations from Baba-God.

2. I know one man inside Christ, about fourteen years ago, wey bin see hinsef for di third heaven. Whether na for di body or inside spirit, I no know—na only Baba-God know.

3. And I know sey dis man—whether for hin body or outside hin body, I no know, but Baba-God know—

4. how he take see hinsef for paradise. He hear wetin hin mouth no fit tok, tins wey dem no gree make man tok.

5. Na dat kain man I go use make-mouth, but I no go fit make- mouth wit myself, except about my weakness.

6. Even if I choose to dey make-mouth, I no go be mugu, becos I dey tok di truth. But I no gree, so dat no-pesin go reason my mata pass as e suppose be—wit wetin I tok or do.

7. And so dat I no go feel- big becos of dis revelation wey big well-well, I get one tin wey dey bite me for body—messenger of Satan wey dem send to show me pepper, so dat I no go fit make- mouth.

8. Na three times I don beg Baba-God to carry am komot from my side.

9. But he tell me sey, “My grace brekete for you, my pawa dey perfect wen you no-strong.” So I go happy to dey make-mouth wen I no-strong, so dat di pawa of Christ go sidon inside me.

10. Nahin make, becos of Christ, I dey happy inside weakness, insults, suffer-head, wen dem show me pepper, and for inside wahala. Wen I no get pawa, na dat time I go con strong.

Paul Concern For Di Corinthians

11. I don behave like mumu, but na una cos am. Una suppose dey tok sey I don try. No be me be di smallest among all di Apostles wey get levels, even though I be notin.

12. Wen I bin dey wit una, di tins wey confam me as apostle na: full endurance, signs and wonders, plus ogbonge tins.

13. Wetin be di tin wey make una small pass di oda churches, except sey I no be like load to una? Forgive me dis wrong tin!

14. Now I don ready to visit una for di third time, and I no go be like load for una head, becos no be una property I want, but na una I want. Afta all, pikin no suppose dey save moni for dia mama and papa, but mama and papa suppose dey save moni for dia pikin.

15. So I go use happiness spend everitin wey I get for una, and even spend myself for una soul. Even though di more I love una, una dey love me only small.

16. As e be so, I neva be like load for una head, but as a sharp guy, I use style hold una for work!

17. Abi any of di men wey I send come meet una—play una wayo?

18. I beg Titus make he come meet una, and I send awa broda follow am. Titus play una wayo? Abi we no work wit di same spirit, con follow di same way?

19. Abi una don dey reason sey we dey try to defend awasef for una? We dey tok as servant of Christ and Baba-God na awa witness; and everitin wey we dey do, my love—na to teach una.

20. I dey fear sey wen I come, I no go meet una as I wan make una be, and una fit no like me di way I be. I dey fear sey kwanta go dey, jealousy, para, selfish plan, aproko, tatafo, feel-big, plus katakata.

21. I dey fear sey wen I come again, Baba-God go bring me down among una, and I go cry for plenty pipo wey don commit sin before, and wey no wan gree repent from dia yama-yama way, di konji level, and anyhow-sex wey dem don do.


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