2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 13

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Last Warnings

1. Dis go be my third visit to una. “Everi mata must get ground wit di words of two to three witnesses.”

2. I don already warn those pipo wey dey commit sin—wen I bin visit una di second time. Now again, I dey warn una just as I do before, sey next time I no go sorry-for those pipo wey don commit sin before, or any of di odas,

3. since una wan confam if na true sey Christ dey use me tok. He no dey do sme-sme to deal wit una, but he dey pawaful among una.

4. Even though dem nail am for cross inside weakness, but he still dey live wit Baba-God pawa. Naso we sef take dey weak inside Christ, but by Baba-God pawa, we go live wit am—to serve una.

5. Check yoursef to see if you dey inside di faith; test yoursef. Abi you no know sey Christ Jes us dey inside you—unless una true-true fail di test?

6. And I trust sey una go know sey we neva fail di test.

7. Now, I dey pray to Baba-God make una no do any evil tin, no be sey we wan confam awasef to una, but so dat una go do di right tins—even though e be like sey we don fail.

8. We no fit do anytin to change di truth, but na only for di truth we fit stand for.

9. We dey happy any time we dey weak and una dey strong; and we dey pray sef—sey make una dey perfect.

10. Nahin make me dey write dis tins wen I no dey around, so dat wen I come—I no go dey harsh based-on di pawa wey Baba-God don give me to teach una, and no be to drag una come down. Las-las Greetings

11. Las-las my pipo, bye- bye. Make una dey perfect, make una cool down wella, make una get one mind, make una live in peace. And di God of love plus peace go dey wit una.

12. Greet each oda wit holy kiss.

13. All God-pipo for here dey send dia greetings.

14. Make di grace of Oga Jesus Christ, plus di love of Baba-God, plus di padi-padi of di Holy Spirit dey wit all of una. Amen.


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