2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 2

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1. So I decide for my heart sey I no go come meet una again wit sadness.

2. If I make una feel sad, who go remain wey go make body sweet me, apart from una wey I don already make to feel sad?

3. I dey write dis very tin to una—so dat wen I show, I no go get palava wit pipo wey suppose make body sweet me, and I get full-mind for all of una—sey wen I dey happy, una sef go happy.

4. I dey write to una wit serious palava, and wahala for my heart, and wit plenty tears, no be to make una feel sad, but to show una as my love for una brekete reach.

Forgiveness For Sinners

5. But if any-pesin don cos pain, he no make me feel bad, but he make una feel bad reach one level—make I no put am in a harsh way.

6. Di punishment wey plenty of una don give am, don dey okay for dat kain man.

7. Now instead, una suppose forgive am, con comfort am, so dat he no go feel too bad for hinsef.

8. So, I dey beg una, make una let am know sey una still love am.

9. Nahin make me dey write to una—to test una and see whether una go obey everitin.

10. If una forgive any-pesin, me sef don forgive dat pesin be dat. And if true-true I don forgive anytin, I don forgive am for una sake—for front of Christ,

11. so dat Satan no go use chance enta us; becos we know all hin evil plan.

Ministers Of Di New Promise

12. Wen I go Troas go preach di good news of Christ, di Oga open door of opportunity for me,

13. my spirit no still rest—becos I no see my broda Titus for there. So I leave dem, con go Macedonia.

14. But tanks be to Baba-God! He dey always lead us to suceed inside Christ. He dey use us take spread di sweet scent of hin knowledge for everi-where.

15. We be like scent of Christ for Baba-God among those pipo wey Baba-God dey save, and those pipo wey dey kpeme.

16. To some pipo, we be scent of death wey dey make pipo kpeme, but to odas—we be di perfume wey dey give life. And who reach di level of dis tins?

17. Baba-God na Spirit, and any where dat Spirit dey, freedom sef go dey.


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