2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 3

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1. Abi we don start to dey praise awasef again? Like some pipo, abi we need to write to una about awa levels, or ask una to write about awa levels? Shwoo!

2. Na una be awa letter—wey dey awa heart, wey everi-pesin don know, and wey dem don read.

3. Una don show sey una be letter from Christ, na una be di result of awa work. Dis letter no be letter wey dem write wit ink, but na wit di Spirit of di living God. Dem no write am on top of stone, but na for di wall of man heart dem write am put.

4. Na dis kain trust wey we get for Baba-God—tru Jesus Christ.

5. No be sey we sabi, sote we go con dey claim sey we fit do anytin on awa own, but Baba-God nahin make us sabi.

6. He don make us sabi as messengers of di new agreement—no be di agreement wey dem write, but na agreement of di Spirit; di old agreement wey dem write dey end up wit death, but di Spirit dey give life.

Di Levels Of Di New Promise

7. But if di law of Moses wey bring death, wey dem write for stones—get levels, sote di pipo of Israel no fit steadily look Moses face, becos hin face dey shine well-well wit Baba-God levels, even as di light don dey fade,

8. abi di new way of di Spirit no go get more levels?

9. If di old way of di law wey dey condemn men—get levels, dat mean sey di new way of righteousness—go get more levels.

10. Dat first levels no get levels now, if you compare di levels of di new way—wey get levels yanfu-yanfu.

11. And if di old way wey don fade komot—get levels, wetin dey now—get more-more levels!

12. So, since we get dat kain hope, we dey tok wit full mind.

13. And no be like Moses, wey use sometin cover hin face, so dat di pipo of Israel no go fit look hin face well-well—reach di end of sometin wey dey fade komot.

14. But dia mind con close, even till today—any time dem read di old testament, di tin wey cover dia mind still dey. E neva komot, becos na only Christ fit komot am.

15. Even till today, wen dem read di book of Moses, sometin still dey cover dia heart.

16. But any time wey pesin turn to di Oga, di tin wey cover dia eyes go komot.

17. Baba-God na Spirit, and any where dat Spirit dey, freedom sef dey.

18. And all of us wey awa face no cover—dey see di levels of Baba-God as if we dey look mirror, and we wey dey change form to di same image—from levels to levels, tru di Spirit of di Oga.


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