2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 4

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Beta-beta-tins For Inside Clay Pot

1. So, as e be sey na wit Baba-God mercy we take get dis ministry, awa mind no dey cut.

2. But, we don reject those secret yama-yama ways; we no dey play pipo wayo, or handle Baba-God word wit wuru-wuru. Instead, Baba-God na awa witness sey we dey show di truth, so dat odas go dey sure sey dem fit trust us.

3. And even if awa good message dey covered, e dey covered to those pipo wey don lose,

4. and di god of dis world, don blind di mind of pipo wey no gree believe, if not di light of di good news of di levels of Christ—wey be di image of Baba-God, go shine on dem.

5. We no dey preach about awasef, but we dey preach about Jesus Christ as Oga, and we be una servants becos of Jesus.

6. Baba-God wey tok sey, “Make light shine from inside darkness,” don make hin light shine for inside awa heart, to give us di light of di knowledge of di levels of Baba-God for di face of Christ.

7. But we get dis beta-beta- tins inside clay pot, so dat dis ogbonge pawa go be from Baba-God, and no be from us. 8. Dem don press us well-well from everi corner—but we no fall; we shock—but no-shaking.

9. Dem show us pepper—but Baba-God no fashi us; dem nack us for ground—but we no gree kpeme.

10. Tru awa suffer-head, awa body dey kontinu to share inside di death of Jesus, so dat di life of Jesus fit show for awa body sef.

11. We wey dey alive—always dey face death becos of Jesus, so dat di life of Jesus go show for awa human body.

12. So we dey face death, but una dey gain life.

13. And since we get di same spirit of faith based-on wetin dem write, “I don believe; so I don tok,”we sef don believe, and so we dey yarn,

14. becos we know sey Baba-God wey raise up Oga Jesus—go raise us up sef wit Jesus, con carry us wit una go hin front.

15. Na una dey gain from all dis tins, and as di grace dey spread go meet plenty pipo, e go make tanks-giving rekpete to di levels of Baba-God.

16. So awa mind no dey do gbim-gbim. Even though awa body don dey kpeme, awa spirit dey strong more-more—day by day.

17. Awa small palava wey no dey last, dey prepare us for more serious, plus heavy everlasting levels.

18. So we no dey look di tins wey we dey see, but di tins wey we no dey see. Di tins wey we dey see so—dey pass go, but di tins wey we no fit see—dey last forever.


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