2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 5

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Awa Heavenly House

1. Now we know sey, if di house wey we dey stay for dis earth scata [dat mean sey, wen we die and we komot from dis body], we get house from Baba-God, body wey dey last forever for heaven—wey Baba-God make for us.

2. We dey cry inside dis awa body, and we really wan wear awa heavenly body, 3. becos wen we wear awa heavenly body, we no go be spirit wey no get body.

4. We wey dey inside dis human body dey cry, and we dey feel di weight, no be sey we wan kpeme so dat we go fit komot from dis human body like cloth, but we wan dey covered wit awa heavenly body, so dat life go change di tins wey dey kpeme.

5. So na Baba-God prepare us for dis tin, and e don give us dis Spirit as guarantee. 6. So we always get full- mind, even though we know sey—as long as we dey for inside dis body, we neva dey wit Christ.

7. Na faith we take dey live, and no be by wetin awa korokoro eyes dey see.

8. We get full- mind, eehn…and go prefer sey we no dey inside dis body, and sey we dey for house wit Christ.

9. So awa target na to make body sweet Baba-God, whether we dey inside dis body, or we dey away from am.

10. All of us must stand for front of Christ king-chair—for judgement. Everi-pesin go receive di pay of wetin he do wen he dey inside di body—whether na good or bad.

Di Office of Peace Maker

11. So, since we understand sey we must serve Baba-God wit fear, we dey try to beg pipo. Baba-God know us wella, and I hope sey una sef go know us well.

12. We no dey try to tok sweet tins about awasef to una again, but we dey give una chance to use us make-mouth, so dat una go fit ansa pipo wey dey feel big wit high position and achievement, instead of wetin dey inside dia heart.

13. If we get scoin-scoin as some pipo dey tok, na becos of Baba-God; if awa mind dey alright, na for una gain.

14. Na di love of Christ dey move us, becos we dey convinced sey Christ die for all, and so all men don kpeme to dia old life of sin.

15. And he die for all, so dat those pipo wey dey live—no go just dey live dia life for only demsef, but for Christ wey die, con raise up again.

16. So from now on, we no dey judge any-pesin wit ordinary human mind. Even though we bin look Christ wit awa human eyes, we no go do am again.

17. So if any-pesin dey inside Christ, he be new pesin, old tins don pass komot, and everitin don turn to new!

18. Now na Baba-God do everitin, nahin use Jesus Christ take settle us wit am, and Baba-God don give us dis job sef—to settle pipo wit am,

19. wey be sey—Baba-God use Christ settle di mata wey he get wit di world, he no dey use pipo sins take judge dem. And he don give us di ogbonge message to settle pipo wit am.

20. Na we dey represent Christ, as if Baba-God dey use us beg una. We dey use Christ beg una: Settle wit Baba-God.

21. Baba-God make Pesin wey neva commit sin, to be di sacrifice of awa sin, so dat we go turn to Baba-God goodness tru Christ.


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