2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 7

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1. My love, since we don get all dis promises, make we clean awasef from everitin wey dey spoil awa body and spirit, and make we use di fear of Baba-God take make awa holiness perfect.

Happiness Wey Paul Get

2. Open your heart to us. We neva offend any-pesin, we neva corrupt any-pesin, we neva play any-pesin wayo.

3. I no dey tok all dis tin to condemn una; I don tok am before sey, una dey inside awa heart—to die and live wit una.

4. I don follow una tok wit full mind; I dey use una make- mouth well-well. Una don ginger me, and I dey happy well￾well—inside all awa palava.

5. Wen we reach Macedonia, awa body no gree rest, wahala from everi corner—kasala for outside, awa mind dey cut for inside.

6. But Baba-God wey dey comfort pipo wey don lose mind, comfort us as Titus show.

7. And no be only sey he show, but about di way una take comfort am. He tell us sey una wan really see me, as una dey feel sad, and as una seriously dey concerned about me—na wetin con make me happy more-more.

8. I no dey regret, even if I make una feel bad wit my letter, even though I bin regret am—becos I see sey my letter make una feel sad small.

9. But now I dey happy, no be becos una feel sad, but becos una sadness make una repent. Una feel sad as Baba-God want am to be, so we no do una bad—in any way.

10. Wen Baba-God mata make pipo feel bad, e dey make pipo repent, and e dey lead to salvation—and regret no go dey. But wen you feel bad about world mata—na die be dat.

11. See wetin Baba-God mata wey make una feel sad don produce inside una! See as una wan clear unasef—see as e dey touch una mind reach—see as e dey make una fear—see as una heart dey hungry—see as una serious reach—see as una ready for goodness! For everitin, una don confam sey una dey clear for dis mata.

12. So even though I write to una, no be becos of di pesin wey do wrong tin, or di pesin wey dem do bad to, but so dat Baba-God go be awa witness sey we care about una.

13. So we get comfort becos of una comfort. Yes, and body sweet us well-well to see as Titus dey happy, becos of how all of una take make hin spirit coolelee.

14. If I don use una make- mouth for anytin, shame no dey catch me. But just as everitin wey we tell una na true, naso di mouth wey we make about una for Titus—confam sey na true sef!

15. And hin love for una don burku wella as he dey remember sey all of una obey, and as una welcome am wit fear and shaking.

16. So I dey happy sey for everitin—I get full mind on una.


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