2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 8

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Make Una Give Wit Open-heart

1. And now, my brodas, we wan make una know about di grace wey Baba-God don give di churches for Macedonia,

2. sey for inside dia temptation of serious palava, dia happiness wey brekete and dia konk poverty—dem dey give plenty, wit open heart—based-on wetin dem get.

3. I dey tell una sey dem give as dem fit give reach, dem even give pass dia pocket, and dem do am wit dia free mind,

4. dem beg us seriously to follow us share inside di service to epp God-pipo wit gifts.

5. And dem do pass wetin we expect. Dem first give demsef to Christ, and den to us—by di will of Baba-God.

6. So we beg Titus, since he don first start, make he finish dis work of grace sef—among una.

7. But just as una take dey shine for everitin—for faith, for yarnings, to know sometin, wit all seriousness, and inside una love for us—make sure sey una dey shine inside dis grace sef.

8. I no dey command una, but I wan test if una love dey real, by comparing am wit di seriousness of odas.

9. Una know di grace of awa Oga Jesus Christ, sey even though he dey rich, but he make hinsef poor becos of una, so dat tru hin poverty—you go dey rich.

10. And dis na my advice: E go good for una—no be only to do wetin una don start, and do di tin wey una wan do last year,

11. but now, finish di work wey una don start, so dat as una seriously get am for mind to do am, una go finish am, based-on how you fit do reach.

12. If di free mind dey, di gift go dey acceptable based-on wetin pesin get, no be based-on wetin e no get.

13. I no mean sey make una dey pressed down, and odas go con dey okay,

14. but make everitin balance, so dat now, for dis time, as una get plenty, e go supply wetin dem need—so dat everitin go balance.

15. As dem write am sey, “Those pipo wey gada plenty—no get wetin dem chop-remain, and pesin wey gada small—no lack anytin.”

Dem Send Titus Go Corinth

16. I tank Baba-God, wey put di same serious care wey I get for una—inside Titus heart.

17. No be sey Titus only hear us wen we beg am, but hin blood dey hot more-more, as he dey come meet una wit hin own free mind.

18. And we dey send anoda broda follow Titus, na pesin wey dem dey cut-cap for, for all di churches, becos of hin work for di good news.

19. And no be only dat, but di churches choose am make he follow us carry di offering go Jerusalem—dis awa service na to honour Baba-God hinsef, and to show how una serious to epp.

20. We dey travel togeda becos we no wan make any-pesin bad-mouth di way we take dey control dis free gift.

21. We dey do tins wit clean-heart, no be only for Baba-God eyes, but for men eyes sef.

22. We still dey send one of awa broda follow dem—wey we always don confam sey he serious in plenty tins, but now he even serious more-more becos of di full mind wey he get for una.

23. If any-pesin ask about Titus, na my padi and my fellow worker among una; and if any- pesin ask about awa brodas, dem be messengers of di churches, and di levels of Christ.

24. So make una confam una love to dis men, and make una confam di reason why we dey use una dey make-mouth.


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