2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 9

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Giving Wit Open Heart

1. Now about una service to God-pipo, I no need to write to una.

2. I know as una dey serious well-well to epp, and I don dey use am dey make-mouth for Macedonia—I dey tell dem sey since last year, una wey dey for Achaia—ready to give; and di moral wey una get, don make most of dem do am.

3. But I dey send di brodas, so dat we no go just dey use una make-mouth for notin based-on dis mata, but make una dey ready, as I don tell dem,

4. so dat if any-pesin from Macedonia follow me come, con see sey una neva prepare, una go make shame catch us well-well, tokless of di kain shame wey go catch una—sey we don use full- mind make-mouth about una.

5. So I reason sey e good to beg di brodas to come visit una before I show—to finish di arrangement for di gift wey una promise wit open heart. Den e go ready as gift wit free mind, no be like gift wey pesin use bad mind give.

6. Remember dis: any- pesin wey plant small—go harvest small, and any-pesin wey plant wit open heart, go harvest more dan he dey expect.

7. Make everi man give wetin he don decide for hin heart—no be sey he go do am wit bad-mind, or dey use gragra take give, becos Baba-God love pesin wey dey happy to give.

8. And Baba-God go give una grace wey burku, so dat as una go get yanfu-yanfu for everitin, una go fit get brekete to do everi good tin.

9. As dem write am sey, “He don spread gifts to pipo; dem go remember dia good works forever.”

10. Now di God wey dey supply seed to farmers, and bread for food—go give una sef, con make di seed wey una don plant brekete, and he go make di fruit of una goodness yanfu-yanfu.

11. You go dey rich for everitin, so dat you go fit give wit free mind any time, and wen we don carry una gift go meet di pipo wey need dem, una free mind to give-go make pipo tank Baba-God.

12. Di work wey una dey do no dey only provide for di needs of God-pipo, but e brekete tru plenty tanks to Baba-God.

13. Becos of una good works wey una dey do, men go cut-cap for Baba-God—becos of how una obey di good news of Christ, and becos of di way una take give dem wit free-mind, and to everi- pesin,

14. and by dia prayer for una—dem really love una becos of di plenty grace wey Baba-God don give una.

15. Tanks be to Baba-God for hin gift wey words no fit explain!


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