2nd Thessalonians

2nd Thessalonians Chapter 1

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1. Dis letter na from Paul, Silas plus Timothy. We dey write to di church wey dey for Thessalonica, to una wey belong to Baba-God awa Fada, and Oga Jesus Christ:

2. Make Baba-God awa Fada, and awa Oga Jesus Christ—give una grace plus peace. Thanksgiving Plus Prayer

3. Brodas, we no fit stop to dey tank Baba-God for una, as e make sense, becos una faith don dey grow more-more, and di love wey all of una get for unasef dey burku.

4. We dey use una make- mouth among Baba-God churches, for una patience plus faith inside all di pepper wey dem dey show una, and di suffer-head wey una dey face.

5. All dis one na evidence sey Baba-God judgement dey right, and so dat Baba-God go count una among pipo wey get levels reach—for hin kingdom, wey una dey suffer for sef,

6. since na good tin for Baba-God to use kasala take pay back di pipo wey dey give una wahala,

7. and he go give rest to pipo wey dey face wahala, wit us sef—wen Oga Jesus go show-face from heaven, wit hin ogbonge angels,

8. wit hot faya, he go use vex punish those pipo wey no know Baba-God, and pipo wey no gree obey di good news of awa Oga Jesus.

9. dem go receive everlasting punishment of death- komot from Baba-God front, and from di levels of hin pawa,

10. wen he come dat day, hin holy pipo go give am glory, and everi pesin wey believe go fall in love wit am, becos una believe wetin we tok among una.

11. So, we dey always pray for una, so dat awa God go count una join di pipo wey reach di levels of dis calling, and he do everi good tin wey dey make belle sweet am, and di work of faith, wit pawa,

12. so dat di name of awa Oga Jesus go get levels inside una, and una inside am—based-on digraceof awa God, andOga Jesus Christ.


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