1st Thessalonians

2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2

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Di Day Of Christ

1. Now brodas, about as Oga Jesus go take come and as we go take gada to meet am, we dey ask una,

2. make una mind no sharp-sharp dey shake, or make una mind con dey cut wit some kain prophecy, words or letter wey be like sey na from us, wey tok sey di day of Christ don already show.

3. No let any-pesin deceive una in any way, dat day no go reach until plenty pipo first turn against Baba-God, and di man of sin go show-face—di son of scat-scata [wey be di Antichrist],

4. he go change-am-for Baba-God, and he go give hinsef level pass everitin wey dem dey call God, or anytin wey pipo dey worship, sote he go sidon like Baba-God inside hin worship-place, con dey show hinsef sey he be Baba-God.

5. Una no remember wen I bin dey wit una—sey I tell una all dis tins? 6. And now you know wetin dey hold dis man of evil—until time reach for am to show-face.

7. Di secret pawa of evil don already dey work; but di pesin wey still dey press am down now—go still dey press am down until he komot for road.

8. And so di man of evil go show, wey Oga Jesus go kill wit di breath from hin mouth, and he go scata am wit hin brightness—wen he show.

9. Dis evil man come do di work of Satan—wit everi pawa, signs, plus fake miracles,

10. and wit everi kain wicked wayo, for those pipo wey don already dey kpeme, becos dem no gree accept di love of di truth wey go save dem.

11. Nahin make Baba-God send dem sometin wey go deceive dem well-well, so dat dem go believe di lies.

12. And Baba-God go judge dem for flexing evil, instead of di truth.

Stand Gidigbam

13. My pipo wey Baba-God love, we no fit stop to dey tank Baba-God sey he choose to save una—from di beginning, tru di work of di Spirit wey dey make pesin holy, and tru believing in di truth.

14. He call una to salvation, wen we tell una di good news, so dat una go fit share inside di levels of awa Oga Jesus Christ.

15. So, brodas, stand gidigbam, and hold di teachings wey una learn—whether na wit letter, or wit awa words.

16. Now make awa Oga Jesus Christ hinsef and Baba-God awa Fada, wey love us, con give us everlasting comfort, and beta hope tru grace,

17. comfort your heart, and make you stand for everi good work, and beta words.


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