2nd Thessalonians

2nd Thessalonians Chapter 3

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Prayer Request

1. Las-las brodas, make una pray for us so dat di message of Baba-God go spread sharp-sharp, and make pipo respect am, just as una take respect am,

2. and make we dey safe from mumu and evil men, becos no be all men get faith.

3. But Baba-God dey faithful, he go make you stand, and protect you from di evil one.

4. We get full-mind inside Christ about una, sey una dey do, and una go do wetin we ask una to do.

5. Make Baba-God show una heart road—to di love of God, and to di patience of Christ.

Warning Make Una No Dey Useless

6. Wit di name of awa Oga Jesus Christ, we dey tell una brodas, make una bone any broda wey dey live jagajaga life, and wey no dey follow di teachings wey una learn from us.

7. Unasef know how una suppose follow awa way, we no bin live jagajaga life among una,

8. we no chop any-pesin food wey we no pay for. Instead, we hustle for night and day, we hustle and we work, so dat we no go be like load for any-pesin head.

9. We do all dis tins no be becos we no get di right to ask for support, but becos we wan make una follow awa example.

10. Even wen we bin dey wit una, we give una dis rule sey: “If any-pesin no gree hustle, make he no chop.”

11. We hear sey some pipo wey dey among una—dey live jagajaga life. Dem no wan work at all, but dem dey shuuk-mouth for oda pipo business.

12. We dey beg all those kain pipo wit di name of Oga Jesus—make dem cool down dey hustle, con chop dia own food.

13. As for una my brodas, make una no taya to do beta tins.

14. If any-pesin no obey wetin we dey tok inside dis letter, make una mark di pesin. Make una no follow am waka, so dat shame go catch am.

15. No treat am like enemy, but correct am like your broda.

Las-las Greetings

16. Now make di Oga of peace hinsef, give you hin peace everi time, and in everi way. Make Baba-God dey wit all of una.

17. Me, Paul—dey use my own hand t ake write dis greeting—wey be sign for all my letters. Naso I dey write.

18. Make di grace of awa Oga Jesus Christ dey wit all of una. Iseeee [Amin]!


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