2nd Timothy

2nd Timothy Chapter 2

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Di Christain Fight

1. You Timothy my son, make you dey strong inside di grace wey dey for Christ Jesus.

2. Make faithful men handle di truth wey you don hear me tok for front of plenty pipo—men wey go sabi teach oda pipo sef.

3. So you must endure suffer-head as beta soja of Christ Jesus.

4. Soja wey dey fight war no dey run civilian package—instead, he go try to make hin oga happy.

5. Naso e be sef, any-pesin wey wan do sport, no go fit carry di first prize—unless he obey di rules.

6. Di farmer wey dey hustle hard pass—nahin suppose be di first to collect hin share from di harvest.

7. Reason wetin I dey tok, and Baba-God go open your eyes—so dat you go understand all dis tins.

8. Remember sey Jesus Christ wey be David pikin, raise from di dead—based-on my preaching of di good news,

9. and becos of dis message, I dey suffer like evil pesin—sote dem chain me. But dem no fit chain Baba-God word.

10. So I dey endure everitin, becos of di pipo wey Baba-God don choose, so dat dem sef go fit get di salvation wey dey inside Christ Jesus—wit everlasting levels.

11. Dis na words wey you fit trust: If we kpeme wit Christ, we go live wit Christ sef.

12. If we endure, we go still reign wit am. If we bone am, he go bone us sef.

13. If we no believe, he go still dey faithful, he no fit deny hinsef.

Be Beta Example

14. Always remind dem of dis tins. Warn dem for Baba-God front, make dem no dey quarrel about mata wey dem no go gain anytin from, and wey go only dabaru those pipo wey dey listen to dem.

15. Study to show yoursef to Baba-God—as pesin wey don confam, worker wey no need to dey shame, and wey sabi teach di words of truth.

16. Komot your mouth from evil tok and miss-yarn, wey dey make pesin do evil more-more.

17. Those kain tok dey spread like wound wey no wan gree heal. Among dem na Hymenaeus and Philetus.

18. Dem don waka komot from di truth. Dem tok sey di dead don already raise up, and dem spoil some pipo faith.

19. But Baba-God solid foundation dey stand gidigbam, dem write dis writing put: “Baba-God know those pipo wey belong to am,” and, “Everi-pesin wey dey call di name of Christ must komot hand from evil.”

20. For big house—no be only containers wey dem make wit gold and silver nahin dey, but containers wey dem make wit wood sef, and clay; dem dey use some for special tins, and dem dey use some for yeye tins.

21. If man clean hinsef from yeye tins, he go turn to containers for beta tins—wey holy, and wey useful for di Oga, and wey dey ready to do any beta work.

22. Komot from di bad tins wey dey scratch young pipo for body, but follow goodness, faith, love, plus peace—wit those pipo wey dey call on Baba-God wit pure heart.

23. Fashi mumu and olodo argument, becos you know sey e dey cos kwanta.

24. And Baba-God servant must no quarrel; instead he suppose use jeje take handle everi- pesin, he suppose sabi teach, and he must get patience,

25. and use jeje take correct those pipo wey dey against am, as he dey hope sey Baba-God fit make dem repent, so dat dem go sabi di truth,

26. and make dem get- sense, con escape from di devil trap—wey don hold dem down to do wetin he want.


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