2nd Timothy

2nd Timothy Chapter 3

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Evil For Di Last Days

1. But know dis tin: Hard times go dey for di last days.

2. Pipo go love only demsef, dem go love moni, dem go dey make-mouth, dey carry shoulder, dem go down-grade Baba-God, dem go disobey dia mama and papa, ungrateful, wicked,

3. dem go fashi love, dem go fashi forgiveness, dem go dey bad-mouth odas, dem no go fit control demsef, dem go bad well- well, and dem go hate any beta tins.

4. Dem go betray dia padi, dem go dey do anyow, dem go dey feel-big, dem go love flexing pass as dem take love Baba-God.

5. Dem go dey form holy- holy—but dem don fashi di pawa wey fit make dem pure. Komot from those kain pipo.

6. Dem be di kain pipo wey go use style enta pesin house, con dey enta women wey no get strong mind, and wey sin don press down, and wey dia body dey scratch dem to do bad tins.

7. Dem always dey learn, but dem no fit ever sabi di truth.

8. Just as Jannes and Jambres change-am-for Moses, naso dis men no wan gree follow di truth, men wey get corrupt mind, and dem dey rejected from di faith.

9. Dem no go-go far, becos just like those men case, dia scoin-scoin go show for everi-pesin to see.

Live Holy Life

10. But una don use jeje follow my teaching, my way of life, my mission, faith, patience, love, endurance,

11. as dem show me pepper, my suffer-head–and di kain tins wey happun to me for Antioch, Iconium and Lystra, see as I endure di kain pepper wey dem show me, but Baba-God save me from all of dem.

12. Yes, dem go show everi- pesin pepper—wey wan live good life inside Christ Jesus, 13. but evil men and fake- pipo go bad more-more, dem go play pipo wayo and pipo go play dem wayo sef.

14. But you must kontinu di tins wey you don learn, and di tins wey you don confam, becos you know di pipo wey you learn dem from.

15. Dem don teach you about di Holy-books from small pikin, wey fit make you wise for salvation tru faith in Christ Jesus.

16. Baba-God nahin inspire all di writings for di holy-book, and e make-sense for—teaching, for warning pipo, for correcting pipo, and for training to do wetin dey right—

17. so dat di man of God go fit dey perfect, and ready for everi beta work.


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