2nd Timothy

2nd Timothy Chapter 4

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1. Na beg I dey beg you for front of Baba-God, and Oga Jesus Christ—wey go judge di living plus di dead, wen he go show wit hin kingdom:

2. Preach di word; dey ready any time. Convince, correct, and preach wit all patience plus teaching.

3. Time go reach wen pipo no go dey follow good teaching again; instead dem go follow dia selfish mind—dem go gada plenty teachers, to tell dem di tins wey dia ears wey dey scratch dem wan hear.

4. and dem go turn dia ears komot from di truth, con turn dia ears to tori.

5. But dey at alert for everitin, endure suffer-head, do di work of preaching, do di work wey Baba-God don give you.

6. I don already dey pour come out like drink offering, and time don dey reach for me to komot.

7. I don fight di good fight, I don finish di race, I don keep di faith.

8. Las-las, crown of goodness dey wait for me, wey di Oga—di good Judge, go give me on dat day. And no be only me, but to di pipo wey love to see am show.

Pesina Comment

9. Try your best make you come meet me sharply, Timothy.

10. Demas don fashi me go Thessalonica, becos he love di tins of dis world. Crescens don go Galatia and Titus don go Dalmatia.

11. Na only Luke dey wit me. Carry Mark follow-body come, becos he go epp me wella for my work.

12. I send Tychius go Ephesus.

13. Bring di cloth wey I leave wit Carpus for Troas. Carry my books come, and especially di papers.

14. Alexander di iron worker—don do me bad tin well- well. Baba-God go pay am back for wetin he don do.

15. Make you sef dey watch out for am, becos he no like awa message.

16. Wen I first defend myself for court, no-pesin come support me, but everi-pesin fashi me. MakeBaba-God no count am against dem.

17. But Baba-God stand for my side, con give me pawa, so dat tru me, di message fit spread fully, and so dat all di world-pipo [Gentiles] go hear. And Baba-God save me from lion mouth sef.

18. Baba-God go save me from everi evil work, and he go carry me safely to hin heavenly kingdom. All levels to Baba-God forever and ever. Amen.

Las-las Greetings

19. Greet Prisca plus Aquila, and di family of Onesiphorus.

20. Erastus dey for Corinth, and I leave Trophimus wey dey sick—for Miletus.

21. Try your best to show before cold season. Eubulus dey greet you, even Pudens, Linus, Claudia and all di brodas and sistas.

22. Make Oga Jesus Christ dey wit your spirit. Make grace dey wit you. Iseee.


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