Colossians Chapter 2

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Warning Against Errors

1. I wan make una know how much I dey struggle for una, and for di church wey dey for Laodicea, and for all those pipo wey neva meet me one-on-one,

2. so dat dem go ginger for dia heart, and make dem join- togeda wit love, and make dem fit get di full riches of complete understanding, and to sabi Christ—wey be di deep-matas of Baba-God.

3. Baba-God hide all di beta-beta-tins of wisdom and knowledge inside Christ.

4. I dey tell una dis tins—so dat no-pesin go play una wayo wit dia sweet-mouth.

5. Even though I no dey wit una fisikally, but my spirit dey wit una, and I dey happy to see una beta pattern, and as una faith dey stand inside Christ.

Freedom From Control of Man Tru Life Wit Christ

6. So just as una receive Jesus Christ di Oga, kontinu to dey waka inside am.

7. Make una root dey inside Christ, grow inside am, and stand gidigbam inside di faith wey dem don teach una. And make una brekete wit tanks-giving.

8. Make sure sey no-pesin whyne [or hold-you-for-work] wit reasoning, plus useless mago-mago, based-on di tradition of men, and based-on spiritual pawas of dis world—instead of from Christ.

9. Na for inside Christ di full package of Baba-God [Olodumare] show esef for human being body.

10. You dey perfect inside Christ—wey be di head of everi govment, plus pawa.

11. Na inside Christ sef you circumcise put, to komot your old body of sin, no be wit circumcision wey dem use human being hand do, but na wit di circumcision wey Christ do.

12. Una bury wit Christ wen una baptize, and una raise up wit am tru faith inside di work of Baba-God,wey raise Jesus from di dead.

13. And you wey bin don kpeme inside your sins, and your flesh wey no circumcise, he give you life togeda wit am—as he forgive all your sins,

14. as he cancel di handwriting of di law wey dey against us, and wey dey fight us, he carry awa sins komot as dem nail am for cross.

15. Afta he scata di weapons of di rulers and pawas, he con show sey he don win dem for publik.

16. So no let any-pesin judge you based-on wetin you dey chop or drink, or about any religious Festival, new moon celebration, or Sabbath day.

17. All dis rules na just shadow of di tins wey go show; di reality dey inside Christ.

18. No let any-pesin do you ojoro to miss your blessings, pipo wey like to form sey dem holy pass, and pipo wey dey worship angels, and pipo wey dey shuuk hand for wetin dem neva see, and dia mind of sin don make dem swell up like kpuff- kpuff.

19. Dem no dey connected to Christ—wey be di head of di body—wey dey feed and hold di full body togeda wit e joints and muscles, and di body dey grow as Baba-God dey make am big more- more.

20. Since una die wit Christ and una don free from di spiritual pawas of dis world, why you con still dey live like world-pipo? Abi you dey follow rules:

21. “No touch, no taste, no handle—

22. wey get to do wit tins wey dey fade go as dem dey use dem—wey dey based-on rules plus ideas of men .

23. Those kain rules wan be like sey dem make-sense, wit rules of religion wey dem organize for demsef, fake humbleness, and as dem treat dia body anyhow. But dem no fit epp pesin komot mind from bad tins wey di body dey do.


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