Colossians Chapter 3

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Rules For Holy Life

1. Since una don raise up wit Christ, put-mind on di tins wey dey up-up, for where Christ dey—wey sidon for Baba-God right hand.

2. Put-mind on di tins wey dey up-up, no put your mind on tins of dis earth.

3. You don kpeme, and Christ don hide your life inside Baba-God.

4. And wen Christ wey be your life show-face, you sef go show-face wit am—wit levels.

5. Kill everitin inside you wey belong to dis world. Komot hand from; anyhow-sex, evil, eyes wey dey shuuk, bad tin wey dey scratch you for body, and longatrot—wey be idol worship.

6. Becos of dis sins Baba-God go soon para for di pipo wey no dey gree hear word.

7. Una sef bin dey waka for dis way before, wen una bin live inside dem.

8. But now, una must komot mind from tins like: vex, para, badbelle, bad-mouth Baba-God, and komot yeye tok from your mouth.

9. Make una no lie to unasef, since una don change from una old life of sin,

10. and una don wear di new man wey get fresh knowledge—based-on di image of di Baba-God wey make am.

11. For dis new life, e no mata if you be Greek or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ na everitin, and e dey live inside everitin.

12. So as pipo wey Baba-God don choose, wey holy and wey Baba-God love well-well, baffup wit soft mercy, kindness, humbleness, jeje, plus patience.

13. Consider one anoda, and forgive one anoda, if any-pesin get complain against anoda pesin—forgive di pesin even as Christ take forgive you.

14. And wetin pass everitin be sey; wear love, wey dey tie all of us togeda in a perfect way.

15. Make Baba-God peace rule inside una heart, since as member of one body, Baba-God call una to live in peace.And give tanks.

16. Make di word of Christ brekete inside you—inside everi wisdom, teaching; and correcting one anoda—wit psalms, hymn plus spiritual songs—and to sing beautiful song to Baba-God—inside your heart.

17. And anytin wey you dey do or tok, do all wit di name of awa Oga Jesus, and give tanks to Baba-God di Fada—tru Christ.

Rules For Christian House

18. Wives, obey your husbands, dis na beta character as follower of Christ.

19. Husbands, love your wives, and no treat dem wit bad- mind.

20. Pikin, obey your mama and papa for everitin, e dey make body sweet Baba-God.

21. Fadas, no make your pikin vex or dem no go get moral.

22. Workers, obey your oga for earth for everitin; and do am, no be becos dem dey look you, and so dat body go sweet dem, but serve dem wit your church-mind, and di fear of Baba-God.

23. Anytin wey you dey do, do am wit your whole heart, as if you dey work for Baba-God and no be for men,

24. since you know sey you go share inside Baba-God promise as blessings; becos na Christ di Oga you dey serve.

25. If you do anyhow you go see anyhow, Baba-God no dey do partiality.


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