Ephesians Chapter 1

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1. Dis letter na from Paul, wey be disciple of Christ Jesus by di will of Baba-God. I dey write to God-pipo for inside Ephesus—wey be faithful followers of Christ Jesus.

2. Grace, plus peace to una—from Baba-God awa Papa, and Oga Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Blessings Inside Christ

3. Blessings for di God and Papa of awa Oga Jesus Christ, wey don bless us for heaven level wit everi spiritual blessing, becos we belong to Christ.

4. Just as he choose us inside am before di foundation of di world, so dat we go dey holy and wit-out error—inside love, for hin front.

5. E don tey wey he plan awa destiny—to accept us as hin pikin tru Christ Jesus, based-on di sweetness of hin will,

6. to di praise of di levels of hin grace, wey he accept us put—inside hin Love.

7. Na inside am we take get salvation tru hin blood—di forgiveness of sins, based-on Baba-God grace wey brekete,

8. wey he pour for us anyhow, wit all wisdom, plus common sense. di deep-mata of hin plan, based-on hin beta jollification—wey he don plan inside am.


10. So dat wen time don ripe for di plan, he go put everitin togeda as one—inside Christ—everitin wey dey for heaven, plus earth.

11. And we don claim hin blessing since he choose us to be hin own am, as awa destiny don arrange down based-on di purpose of him wey dey make everitin work out to as he wish.

12. Baba-God plan be sey, we di Jews wey be di first to put awa hope for inside Christ, go fit bring praise and glory to Baba-God.

13. And una trust am wen una hear di truth; di good news sey Baba-God save una. And as una believe, he mark una as hin own, by giving una di Holy Spirit—wey he don promise tey-tey.

14. Di Spirit na assurance sey, Baba-God go give us di inheritance wey he promise, and sey he don buy us to be hin own pipo. He do am so dat we go fit praise and worship am.

Tanks-giving Plus Prayers

15. Ever since I hear about una faith for Christ Jesus, and una love for all God-pipo,

16. I neva stop to dey give tanks to Baba-God for una, as I dey always remember una inside my prayers.

17. I dey always ask sey make di God of awa Oga Jesus Christ, di Papa wey get levels, make he give una di Spirit of wisdom, and show us how to sabi am more-more.

18. I pray sef—make una inner eyes see light—so dat una go fit sabi di hope wey he call una put, and sabi di riches of blessings wey he promise hin holy-pipo.

19. I pray sey make una understand di ogbonge pawa wey dem no fit compare wit anytin—wey dey for us wey believe Christ. Na dis same ogbonge pawa

20. raise Christ from di dead, con make am sidon for Baba-God right hand, for di kingdom of di heavens.

21. Now, he dey far-far on top everi ruler and govment, or leader, or any oda tin—no be only for dis generation, but even for generations wey go come.

22. Baba-God don put everitin under di pawa of Christ, and Baba-God don make am di head of everitin for di church,

23. And di church na hin body, wey be di full, and total package of Christ wey dey full everitin for everi-where wit hinsef.


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