Ephesians Chapter 2

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Alive Inside Christ

1. And he make una get life, wey don bin kpeme inside sin, and una evil ways,

2. wey una first waka put wen una follow di way of dis world, based-on di prince of di pawa of di air—di spirit wey dey work now inside di sons of disobedience.

3. All of us bin live among dem before-before, we bin dey do di bad tins wey awa body dey scratch us to do, we dey flex awa body, we dey do wetin dey for awa mind, and we be pipo wey Baba-God bin dey vex for naturally, just like di odas.

4. But Baba-God wey dey sorry-for pesin well-well becos of hin serious love for us,

5. he make us alive togeda wit Christ, even wen we don bin kpeme inside sin—na by di grace of God you take get salvation.

6. And Baba-God raise us up wit Christ, con make us sidon for di heavens inside Christ Jesus.

7. So dat for generations to come, he go show di yanfu-yanfu riches of hin grace inside hin kindness—to us wey belong to di blood of Christ. Christ Jesus.

8. Baba-God save you by hin grace you tru faith, and no be by yourself [no be by your work]; na gift from Baba-God.

9. Salvation no be pay of di good tins wey you don do, so dat no-pesin go make-mouth.

10. Na we be Baba-God fine art, wey he make inside Christ Jesus—to do beta works, wey Baba-God don prepare tey-tey—so dat we go waka inside dem.

One Inside Christ

11. So, make una remember sey before-before una wey dem born as be Gentiles [world-pipo]—dem dey call una, “uncircumcised pipo”—by di pipo [Jews] wey call demsef “di circumcision” [na sometin wey dem dey do for body wit human being hands].

12. Remember sey dat time, una no bin dey wit Christ, una no bin dey among pipo wey Baba-God don choose, and una be jjc to di agreement of di promise wey Baba-God make to hin pipo. Una live inside dis world wit no hope, and wit-out Baba-God.

13. But now, una belong to Christ Jesus, una wey bin dey far- far—don come near Baba-God tru

14. Na Christ hinsef be awa peace—wey don turn Jews and Gentiles (world-pipo) to one pipo, and he don scata di wall wey dey separate pipo.

15. He do am as he cancel di system of di law—wit e commandments, and e control. He make peace between di Jews and Gentiles [world-pipo], by forming inside hinsef—one new pipo from di Jews plus di Gentiles [world-pipo],

16. And inside dis one body, Christ settle both of dem to Baba-God, tru di cross wey he take end di biff.

17. He bring dis good news of peace to una wey dey far-far from am, and peace to una Jews—wey dey near.

18. Now all of us fit come to di Fada tru one Spirit.

19. So now, una no be jjc [strangers] and foreigners again, but una be fellow citizens wit God-pipo, and una be members of Baba-God family.

20. Togeda, na we be hin house wey dem build on di foundation of di apostles, plus prophets, wit Christ Jesus hinsef—as di chief foundation stone.

21. All of us join togeda to form hin building, wey raise up to be holy worship￾place for Baba-God;

22. and inside am nahin una sef dey build togeda—as house wey Baba-God Spirit dey stay.


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