Philippians Chapter 3

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No Depend On Di Body

1. Las-las my brodas, jolly inside Christ! No be stress for me to write di same tin to una again, but e go keep una safe.

2. Watch out for dogs, wicked pipo, and those men wey wan wound una.

3. We wey dey worship Baba-God in Spirit, nahin dey circumcised. We dey happy inside Christ Jesus, and we no dey put hope on awa own pawa,

4. even though I get full mind on my work—if to sey na by works. If any oda pesin dey make- mouth about hin work, I get more reason to make-mouth pass any oda pesin!

5. Dem circumcise me on di eight day, I come from Israel, from di tribe of Benjamin,I be real Hebrew; based-on di law, I be Pharisee.

6. Based-on seriousness, I show di church pepper. And based- on keeping di law in di right way, I obey di law wit-out error.

7. But anytin wey I bin dey gain from, I count am as loss becos of Christ.

8. Yes, true-true, I count everitin as loss sef, for di success of me to sabi Christ Jesus my Oga. Becos of Christ, I don fashi everi oda tin. I see dem as yama- yama—so dat I go fit gain Christ,

9. and make I be one wit am. I no dey depend on my goodness by obeying di law; instead, I dey good becos of faith inside Christ. Baba-God make us pure tru faith.

10. I wan know Christ and experience di pawa wey raise am up from di dead, I wan suffer wit am, by sharing inside hin death,

11. so dat I fit reach to raise up from di dead.

Carry-go Reach Di Goal

12. No be sey I don achieve all dis tins, or sey I don already dey perfect, but I dey push on—so dat I fit hold wetin make Christ Jesus hold me sef.

13. My pipo, I no count myself as pesin wey don hollam, but e get one tin wey I dey do: I dey fashi wetin don pass, and I dey hustle to meet wetin dey for front,

14. I dey try to score goal, so dat I go win di prize of di high calling of Baba-God—inside Christ Jesus.

15. So make all of us wey don mature—dey reason tins like dis. And if una con go dey tink go anoda side, Baba-God go show dis tin to una.

16. We must hold on to di progress wey we don already get, make we follow di same way, make we use di same mind.

17. My brodas and sistas, join odas to follow my example, and make una watch those pipo wey dey follow di pattern wey we give una.

18. As I bin dey always tell una before, and now I dey yarn again—wit water for my eyes, plenty pipo dey live dia life as enemies of di cross of Christ.

19. Dia destiny don kpafuka, dia belle na dia god, dia levels dey inside dia shame, and dia mind dey on di tins of dis world.

20. But na heaven be awa kontri, and we seriously dey wait for awa Saviour wey dey come from there—and na Oga Jesus Christ.

21. He go use di same pawa wey he take put everitin under hin control—take change awa human body wey no-strong, to body wey get levels like hin own.


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