Ephesians Chapter 4

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Unity Inside Di Body Of Christ

1. As prisoner of Baba-God, biko make una dey live life wey fit di level wey Baba-God call una put.

2. Always dey humble, and dey live jeje life; get patience, and make una dey reason una mata wit love.

3. Try well-well make una dey togeda in di Spirit, and make una live togeda in peace.

4. One body and one Spirit nahin dey—just as Baba-God call una inside one hope.

5. Na one Oga dey, one faith, one baptism;

6. one Baba-God, and papa of all tins, wey be Oga kpatakpata—wey dey live tru everitin, and wey dey inside everitin.

7. So Christ don give all of us grace—based-on di measure of di gifts of Christ.

8. So he tok sey: “Wen he raise go up-up, He carry prisoners follow-body, and he give men gifts”

9. (We tin “he r a is e go up- up” mean—except sey he still go down-down, to di place wey low pass for di earth?

10. Pesin wey go down-down nahin still raise go up-up—pass all di heavens, so dat he go fit brekete inside everi-everi.

11. Na di gifts wey Christ hinsef give—be dis: some na apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, plus teachers.

12. Dia work na to prepare God-pipo for di work of Baba-God, so dat di church—wey be di body of Christ, go grow,

13. until all of us reach one mind inside di faith, and to sabi di Son of Baba-God, to be perfect man, to reach di level of maturity of di full package of Christ,

14. so dat, we no go be small pikin again—wey breeze dey blow upandan, wit everi breeze of preaching. And we no go move wen pipo dey try to play us wayo wit beta lie wey sound like truth.

15. Instead, we go tok di truth inside love, so dat we go grow for everitin—enta inside Christ wey be di head.

16. Christ nahin join di full body and hold am togeda—wit wetin everi joint dey supply, based-on how everi part dey do hin own work wella, he dey make di full body grow, so dat he go ginger esef inside love.

To Dey Live As Pikin Of Di Light

17. So na wetin I dey tok and yarn inside Christ: Make una no dey live like world-pipo again—wit dia useless reasoning.

18. Dia understanding dark well-well, and dem don waka far from di life of Baba-God, becos dem be olodo, and becos dia heart don close.

19. Dem no-send again, dem don give dia life to sex anyhow, and to do all evil tins wit longatrot.

20. But una no know Christ wit dat kain way.

21. Since, you don hear about Christ, and you don learn di truth wey dey inside Jesus,

22. throway your old life of sin, and di life wey una dey live before-before—wey dey corrupt based-on di bad tins wey di body dey scratch am to do.

23. Instead, make di Spirit give you new inspiration from your mind,

24. and make you wear di new life wey Baba-God make—to be like am, wit real goodness, plus holiness.

25. So make una stop to dey lie. Tell your neighbour di truth, becos all of us na members of one body.

26. “No commit sin if you dey vex.” No let sun go down as you still dey para,

27. or give devil chance to stand for your life.

28. Make di pesin wey bin dey tiff—no steal again, but he must hustle, con use hin hand do sometin wey make-sense, so dat he go get sometin to share wit pipo wey no get shi-shi.

29. No let any yeye word komot from your mouth, but tok only wetin fit epp pipo grow. So dat those pipo wey dey listen to you—go fit gain beautiful tins.

30. And no make di Holy Spirit of Baba-God feel sad. Remember sey di Holy Spirit don mark you as hin own, as assurance sey you go save on di day of wey he go free you [from di world of sin].

31. Komot everi bad-mind, vex, para, quarrel, bad-mouth, along wit everi kain badbelle behaviour.

32. Show soft-heart plus love to unasef, forgive one anoda, just as Baba-God forgive una becos of Christ.


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