Ephesians Chapter 5

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1. Behave like Baba-God, as hin correct pikin.

2. Live life wey brekete wit love, just as Christ love us, con give hinsef as sacrifice—wey get beta scent for Baba-God.

3. Make una no dey sex- anyhow at all, or follow evil way, or ogboju, becos all dis tins no make-sense for Baba-God holy- pipo.

4. Fashi yeye way, mumu tok or yabing wey no-make-sense. Instead, make una tell Baba-God nagode.

5. Una fit dey sure sey: Any-pesin wey sex anyhow, or pesin wey get ogboju, or pesin wey dey serve idol—no go enta inside Christ, and Baba-God kingdom.

6. No let any-pesin play una wayo wit empty yarnings, na becos of those kain tins Baba-God dey vex for those pipo wey no dey hear word.

7. So make una no follow dia way.

8. Before-before, una dey inside darkness, but now una don turn to light inside Christ. So make una live like pikin of di light.

9. (becos di fruit of di Spirit—dey inside everi beta tin, right tin, plus truth),

10. and to cool down fyne di tins wey dey make Baba-God belle sweet am.

11. And no rub-mind wit di works of darkness—wey no dey produce any beta tin, but instead, make una expose dem.

12. Shame dey catch pesin to even tok about wetin pipo wey no dey hear word dey do codedly.

13. But pipo go see everitin, wen light shine put, and dia true colour go show for light,

14. So he tok sey: “Chai, wakup, sleep-sleep, raise up from di dead, and Christ go shine inside you.”

15. Make una dey careful how una dey live una life. No live like mugu, but as pesin wey get-sense.

16. Save time, becos na evil days we dey so.

17. No do anytin wit-out reasoning, but understand wetin Baba-God wan make you do.

18. Make una no jogodo wit wine—wey dey lead to jonzing. Instead, make di Spirit brekete inside you.

19. Make una dey follow unasef yarn wit Psalms, hymns plus spiritual songs. Sing and compose melody for inside your heart for Baba-God.

20. And always dey give tanks to Baba-God di Fada for everitin, in di name of Oga Jesus Christ.

21. Make una dey humble wit unasef inside di fear of Baba-God.

Husbands And Wife

22. Wives, obey your husband as you take dey obey Baba-God. 23. Husband na di head of di wife, just as Christ na di head of di church. Christ na di Saviour of di church wey be hin body.

24. Now as di church dey obey Christ, naso wives sef must obey dia husbands for everitin.

25. Husbands, love una wives, just as Christ take love di church, con sacrifice hin life for her,

26. to make her holy and clean, he clean her by washing her wit water of di good news.

27. He do am so dat he go carry di church give hinsef-as church wey get level, wey no get stain, or wrinkle or any of dis kain tin. Instead, she go dey holy wit no error.

28. Naso husbands sef suppose love dia wives, just as dem love dia own body. Man wey love hin wife—really love hinsef.

29. No-pesin ever hate hin own body, but he go feed hinsef, and take care of hin body—just as Christ dey do to di church.

30. And we be members of hin body and hin bones.

31. “Nahin make man go leave hin papa and mama, con go join-body wit hin woman, and di two of dem go turn to one body.”

32. Dis one na ogbonge deep- mata—but na example about how Christ and di church take be one.

33. So make everi one of una love hin wife as he take love hinsef, and make di wife make sure sey she respect her husband.


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