Ephesians Chapter 6

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Papa, Mama, Plus Pikin

1. Pikin, obey your papa and mama inside Christ, becos dis na di correct tin.

2. “Respect you papa and mama.” Na di first commandment wey get promise,

3. so dat e go beta for you, and so dat you go get long life for dis earth.”

4. Fadas, no provoke your pikin to make dem vex; instead, train dem wit di training, and ways of Baba-God.

Oga and Worker

5. Workers, obey your oga for dis world, wit fear and shaking, and serve dem wit clean-heart, just as you go obey Christ.

6. Obey dem—no be just becos you want dia favour wen dem dey look you, but like servant of Christ, do di will of Baba-God from your heart.

7. Serve dem wit seriousness, as if you dey serve Baba-God and no be man,

8. becos you know sey Baba-God go pay everi-pesin—for everi good tin wey e do, whether he be worker, or oga.

9. And oga, treat your workers in di same way. No threaten dem, since you know sey na Baba-God be di two of una Oga, and he no dey do partiality.

Baba-God Fighting-cloth

10. Las-las, my brodas, make una dey strong inside Christ, and inside hin ogbonge pawa.

11. Wear di full fighting- cloth of Baba-God, so dat you go fit stand gidigbam, against di wayo ways of di devil.

12. We no dey fight wit flesh and blood, but na against di rulers, against di govments, against di pawas of darkness of dis world, and against di spiritual movement of evil wey dey up-up.

13. So make you wear di full fighting-cloth of Baba-God, so dat you go fit face di evil days, and afta you don do everitin to stand.

14. Stand gidigbam, wit di belt of truth wey you tie round your waist, and wit di fighting-cloth of goodness.

15. And wear for your leg—di peace wey dey come from di good news, so dat you go dey fully prepared.

16. To add join all dis tins, carry di shield of faith, wey you go fit use take stop everi arrow of faya of di evil one.

17. Wear salvation as your helmet, and carry di sword of di Spirit, wey be Baba-God word.

18. And always pray inside your spirit, wit everi prayer, and ask Baba-God for wetin you want. Wit dis mind—dey watch, and no ever give up for your prayers for all di holy-pipo.

19. Pray for me sef, so dat Baba-God go give me di correct words, and so dat I go fit open my mouth wit full-mind, to explain di deep-matas of di good news,

20. wey I dey represent inside my chains, so dat I go fit tok wit full mind as I suppose tok. Las-las Greetings

21. Tychicus, wey be correct broda, and faithful servant for Christ—go tell una everitin, so dat unasef go know howfar wit me, and wetin I dey do.

22. I dey send am come meet una—becos of dis tin, so dat una go know how we dey, and so dat he go ginger una.

23. Peace to di brodas, and love wit faith—from Baba-God di Fada, and awa Oga Jesus Christ.

24. Make grace dey wit all di pipo wey love awa Oga Jesus Christ wit clean-heart. Amen!


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