Galatians Chapter 1

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1. Dis letter na from Paul, wey be apostle—no be from men or tru man, but na tru Jesus Christ, and Baba-God di Fada, wey raise Jesus from di dead.

2. All di brodas for here—dey join me send dis letter to di church for Galatia.

To Di Churches Wey Dey For Galatia:

3. Make Baba-God awa Papa, plus Oga Jesus Christ, give una grace plus peace.

4. Jesus Christ sacrifice hinsef for awa sins, to save us from dis evil generation wey dey now, based-on di will of Baba-God, and awa Papa.

5. All di glory to Baba-God for ever and ever! Iseeee [Amen].

Anoda Good Message No Dey

6. E dey surprise me sey, una sharply fashi Baba-God wey call una wit di grace of Christ, and as una take komot go face anoda different preaching—

7. wey no be Baba-God word at all. But some pipo dey give una wahala, and dem wan change di truth about Christ.

8. But even if we, or angel message to una, wey different from di one wey we preach to una, make curse follow di pesin!

9. As we don tok before, so now I go tok am again: If any- pesin dey preach any oda good news wey different from wetin una don accept, make curse follow di pesin!

10. Abi I dey try to do tins make pipo believe me, or make Baba-God for confam me? Abi I dey try to do wetin go make men happy? If I still dey try to make men happy, I for no be Christ servant.

Baba-God Call Paul

11. Brodas, I wan make una know sey dis good news wey I dey preach—no be based-on human reasoning.

12. I no receive am from any man, or sey pesin nahin teach me; but I receive dis message from Jesus Christ.

13. Una don hear as I bin dey live inside Judaism, as I take seriously show Baba-God church pepper, and try to scata am.

14. I bin dey far-far inside Judaism, pass many Jews wey be my age mate, and I bin serious well-well for di traditions of my forefadas.

15. But wen body sweet Baba-God wey komot me from my mama belle, con call me by hin grace,

16. to show hin Son inside me, so dat I fit preach about am among world-pipo [Gentiles], I no consult any man.

17. I no go Jerusalem go see those pipo wey don be apostle before me, but I enta Arabia, and later I go back to Damascus.

18. Den afta three years, I go Jerusalem go stay wit Peter, and I stay wit am for fifteen days.

19. I no see any of di oda apostles-only James, awa Oga broda.

20. Truth-to-God, wetin I dey write to una no be lie.

21. Later, I con go Syria and Cilicia.

22. Di churches of Judea wey belong to Christ, no know me face to face.

23. Dem only hear about wetin I don do: “Di man wey bin dey show us pepper don dey preach about di faith wey he first try to scata!”

24. And dem praise Baba-God becos of me.


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