Galatians Chapter 2

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Di Disciples Accept Paul

1. Afta fourteen years, I go Jerusalem again. Dis time Barnabas follow me go. I carry Titus follow-body sef.

2. I go becos of revelation wey I receive, and I con tell dem di good news wey I dey preach to world-pipo [Gentiles]. But I do am codedly to those pipo wey be di leaders, so dat by any means I wan bin make sure sey I no dey run, or sey I don run in vain.

3. Dem no even use gragra circumcise Titus wey dey wit me, even though he be Greek.

4. Dis mata bin rise—becos some fake brodas wey don use style enta us—to spy us, and see di freedom wey we get inside Christ Jesus, so dat dem fit tie us down.

5. We no give dem any chance to enta us—even for one hour, so dat di truth of di good news go fit kontinu wit una.

6. Those pipo wey e be like sey dem get levels—I no-send anytin wey dem be; Baba-God no dey do partiality. Di leaders of di church no add anytin to my preaching

7. Instead, dem see sey Baba-God don give me di work to preach di good news to world-pipo, just as Peter take dey preach to di Jews,

8. since na Baba-God, dey run tins wella for Peter work—as apostle to di Jews, and he still dey run tins for my work—as apostle for world-pipo.

9. And wen James, Peter, plus John, wey be like pillars, see di grace wey Baba-God give me, dem accept me plus Barnabas—as dia fellow worker—to go preach to world-pipo, and make dem go meet di Jews.

10. Dem only ask us—sey make we always epp poor pipo, and nahin I dey try my best to do.

Paul Change-am-for Peter

11. Wen Peter come Antioch, I change-am-for am korokoro, becos he dey do wrong tin.

12. Wen he first come, he bin dey chop wit some uncircumcised Gentiles (world-pipo). But later, wen some of James padi show, he con stop to dey mix wit di Gentiles [world-pipo]. becos he dey fear those pipo wey believe sey pesin must circumcise.

13. Becos of dat, some oda Jews join am for hin fake-life, sote Barnabas con dey waka-lose becos of hin fake-life.

14. Wen I see sey dem no dey follow di truth of di good news, I tell Peter for all of dem front sey, “If you wey be Jew don fashi di Jews tradition, and you con dey live like Gentile, why you con dey make Gentiles follow Jews custom?

15. “We wey be Jews from birth, we no be sinners from among Gentiles (world-pipo).

16. And we know sey pesin no fit dey good by keeping di law, but by faith inside Christ Jesus. So, we believe in Christ Jesus, so dat we go dey pure by faith inside Christ—and no be by keeping di law, becos no-pesin fit dey good by keeping di law.”

17. “But if as we dey try to dey pure wit Christ, we con commit sin, dat one con mean sey Christ dey promote sin? Lai-lai!

18. Instead, I be sinner if I rebuild di old system of law wey I bin scata.

19. Wen I try to keep di law—I kpeme tru di law. So I die to di law—so dat I go fit live for Baba-God.

20. I don die wit Christ, no be me dey live, but na Christ dey live inside me. Di life wey I dey live inside di body—I dey live am by faith inside di Son of Baba-God, wey love me, con sacrifice hinsef for me.

21. I no dey take di grace of Baba-God for play-play, Christ die for notin—if di law fit make pesin dey pure!”


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