Galatians Chapter 3

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Faith OrTo Keep Di Law

1. Chai mumu Galatians! Who give una witch chop, sote una no fit obey di truth? Shebi di meaning of Jesus Christ death clear to una, as if una use una korokoro eyes see as dem hang Jesus Christ for cross?

2. Make I ask una one question: Abi una receive di Spirit becos una dey keep di law, or becos una believe wetin una hear?

3. Abi una be mugu? Afta una don start una new life wit di Spirit, why una con dey try to dey perfect wit una works?

4. Abi una don suffer plenty tins for notin? Abi na really for notin?

5. Abi una tink sey Baba-God dey give una di Spirit, con do miracles among una—becos una dey keep di law, or na becos una believe di message wey una hear about Christ?

6. Just as Abraham believe Baba-God, and Baba-God count am as good man.”

7. “Make una understand, sey those pipo wey put dia faith in Baba-God, na Abraham pikin.

8. Di Holy-books bin see am tey-tey—sey, Baba-God go make world-pipo turn to good pipo tru faith, so e yarn dis good news to Abraham tey-tey: “All nations go receive blessing tru you.”

9. So those pipo wey put dia faith in Christ dey share di same blessing wit Abraham, becos of hin faith.

10. Curse dey on all those pipowey kontinu to depend on keeping di law to make dem holy wit Baba-God: Dem write am sey, “Curse dey follow any-pesin wey no kontinu to do all di tins wey dem write for di book of di law.

11. So e dey clear sey no- pesin dey good for Baba-God front by keeping di law. Di pure pipo go live by faith.”

12. Di way of faith different from di way of di law wey tok sey, “Na tru obeying di law pesin go take get life.”

13. Christ don save us from di curse of di law. Wen dem hang am for cross, he carry all di curse of sin. Dem write am sey: “Curse dey on everi pesin wey dem hang for tree,”

14. so dat di blessing wey he give Abraham go fit reach world- pipo tru Jesus Christ, so dat wit faith we go fit receive di promise of di Holy Spirit.

Di Law And Di Promise

15. Brodas make I use everi day life take do example. Even though na just agreement of man, no-pesin fit fashi or add-join human agreement wey dem don seal.

16. Na Abraham and hin generation nahin Baba-God give di promise. Di Holy-books no tok sey, “Na to generations,” meaning plenty pipo, but “Na to your seed,” meaning one pesin, wey be Christ.

17. Na wetin I mean be dis: Di agreement wey Baba-God make wit Abraham inside Christ—no fit cancel 430 years later wen Baba-God give Moses di law, dat mean sey Baba-God don dey break hin promise.

18. If di inheritance depend on keeping di law, den e no longer depend on promise; but Baba-God give am to Abraham tru promise.

19. So, wetin con be di reason for di law? Baba-God give di law, to show pipo dia sins, until di Pikin wey Baba-God promise go land. Baba-God give di law tru angels—to Moses wey be di peace-maker between Baba-God and di pipo.

20. Peace maker no dey represent one side. But Baba-God na one.

21. Abi di law dey against Baba-God promises? Lai-lai! If to sey Baba-God don give law wey fit give us new life, den goodness for surely come tru di law.

22. But di Holy-books tok sey di whole world na prisoner of sin, so dat Baba-God promise, wey he give tru faith inside Jesus Christ, go fit reach those pipo wey believe.

23. Before dis faith land, we be prisoners of di law, we dey locked from faith—wey still show-face later.

24. So di law na awa teacher to bring us to Christ, so dat we go dey pure tru faith.

25. Now wey faith don show, we no dey under di control of di law again.

Baba-God Pikin

26. All of una na Baba-God pikin tru faith inside Christ Jesus.

27. And all of una wey baptize enta Christ—don wear Christ.

28. No Greek, no Jew, slave or free, man or woman, all of una be one for inside Christ Jesus.

29. And now wey you belong to Christ, you be Abraham pikin, and di promise wey Baba-God make to Abraham—belong to you sef.


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