Galatians Chapter 4

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Di Promise Wey Belong To Di Believers

1. Now I tok sey, pikin wey suppose claim hin Papa property- as long as e still be small pikin, e no different from servant at all—even though nahin get di whole estate.

2. But e go dey under di pesin wey dey guard am, and hin teacher—until di time wey hin papa set, don reach.

3. Nasoebe sefwitus.Wen be small pikin, we be slave-under di basic laws of di world.

4. But wen di time ripe, Baba-God send hin Son wey woman born, wey dem born under di law,

5. to save those pipo wey dey under di law, so dat he go claim us as hin own pikin.

6. Becos we be hin pikin, Baba-God send di Spirit of hin Son enta una heart, di Spirit wey dey halla, “Abba, Fada!”

7. So una no be servant again, but you be Baba-God pikin; and as you be hin pikin—Baba-God go make you share inside hin promise—tru Christ.

Paul Concern For Di Galatians

8. Before-before, wen una no know Baba-God, una dey serve those gods wey no dey even exist.

9. But now wey you don know Baba-God—or wey Baba-God don know you—how e be sey you con dey turn back to those weak, plus useless elements? Abi una wan make dem turn una to slave again?

10. You dey observe special days, and months, seasons and years!

11. I dey fear for una, sey I done waste my time dey hustle for una.

12. My pipo, I dey beg una, make una be like me, becos I don be like una sef, and una neva offend me in any way.

13. Una know sey na becos I no-strong nahin make I first preach di good news to una—di first time.

14. Even though I bin dey sick, una no treat me anyhow or fashi me. Instead, una welcome me as if I be Baba-God angel, and as if na me be Christ Jesus hinsef.

15. Wetin happun to una blessings? I confam una sey—if e dey possible, una for pluck una own eyes komot, con give dem to me.

16. Abi I don turn to una enemy, becos I dey tell una di truth?

17. Dem seriously wan drag una go dia side, but no be for beta tin. Wetin dem want, na to komot una from awa side, so dat una go serious wit dem.

18. E dey good to always serious for good tin, no be only wen I dey wit una.

19. My smallie, wey dey make me feel pain again like woman wey wan born pikin, until Christ don form inside una body.

20. How I wish sey I fit dey wit una now, so dat di way I dey follow una tok go change, becos I dey get two-mind about una!

Hagar And Sarah

21. Now tell me, you wey wan dey under di law, abi you no know wetin di law dey tok?

22. Dem write am sey Abraham get two sons. One wit di slave woman, and di oda one, wit di free woman.

23. Dem born di pikin of di slave woman in ordinary way, but dem born di son of di free woman—to confam Baba-God promise.

24. Those two women represent two agreement. Di first woman, Hagar, represent Mount Sinai, where di pipo receive di law wey turn dem to slaves.

25. So dis Hagar na Mount Sinai for Arabia, and e represent Jerusalem, and she plus her pikin wey dey under slavery now.

26. But di oda woman, Sarah, represent di heavenly Jerusalem. Na she be di free woman, and she be all of us mama.

27. Dem write am sey: “Chai, dey happy, woman wey no fit carry-belle, wey no fit born pikin; cry and raise your voice, you wey neva feel di pain of labour before; becos woman wey dem fashi, don get plenty pikin pass woman wey get husband!”

28. Now we, my pipo, we be pikin of promise like Isaac.

29. Dat time, di son wey dem born wit ordinary way—treat di son wey dem born wit di pawa of di Spirit anyhow. Naso e still be now.

30. But wetin di Holy- books tok? “Pursue di slave woman plus her pikin komot, di slave woman pikin no go share inside di blessings wit di free woman pikin.”

31. So my pipo, we no be di slave woman pikin, but we be di free woman pikin.


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