Galatians Chapter 5

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Freedom Wey Dey For Inside Christ

1. Stand gidigbam inside di freedom wey Christ don free us for, and no tie yoursef again wit di load of slavery.

2. Mark my words! Me, Paul, dey tell una sey, if una circumcise, Christ no go make-sense to una again.

3. Again I dey tell everi man wey circumcise, sey he must keep di full law.

4. You wey wan be good pesin becos you dey follow di law, don separate from Christ; you don fall komot from grace.

5. But na wit faith wey di Spirit give us, we take dey seriously wait for di goodness wey we dey hope for.

6. Whether you circumcise or not—e no mata inside Christ Jesus. Di only tin wey mata na faith wey dey work tru love.

7. You bin dey run well. Who block your way, make you no obey di truth?

8. Dat kain idea no be from Baba-God wey call you.

9. Na small yeast wey dem dey use mix plenty flower for bread.

10. I get full-mind for una, tru Christ, sey una no go get any oda mind, but di pesin wey dey cos katakata among una go receive hin punishment, no mata who di pesin be.

11. My pipo, if I still dey preach about circumcision—why dem still dey show me pepper? Dat mean sey no-pesin go vex for me becos of my message about di cross.

12. I wish sey those troublemakers wey wan wound una by circumcising una, fit cut demsef komot!

13. My pipo, Baba-God call una to be free pipo. But no use your freedom take commit sin codedly, instead make una serve unasef wit love.

14. Di koko of di full law na, “Love your neighbour as you take love yoursef.”

15. But if una dey bite and chop unasef, watch out—so dat una go dabaru unasef.

Life By Di Spirit

16. So I sey, waka inside di Spirit, and you no go do di bad tin wey your body dey scratch you to do.

17. Di bad tins wey your body dey scratch you to do—dey against di Spirit, and di Spirit no like those tins. Dem no dey gree for demsef, sote you no go fit do di beta tin wey you wan do.

18. But if na di Spirit dey lead you, you no dey under di Law of Moses.

19. Di tins wey di body like to do, no dey hide, and dem be: to climb pesin husband or wife, sex anyhow, yama-yama ways, konji level,

20. idol worship, witch [kpians], badbelle, kwanta, jealousy, serious para, selfish plan, fight-fight, quarrel, different groups,

21. envy, killing, mezebu, flexing anyhow, and tins like dat. I dey warn una, as I bin warn una before, sey Baba-God kingdom no belong to those pipo wey dey live like dat.

22. But di fruit of di Spirit na; love, jolly-jolly [happiness], peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

23. jeje, plus self-control. No law dey against all dis tins.

24. Those pipo wey belong to Christ Jesus don kill di body, and di bad tins wey di body dey scratch pesin to do.

25. Since we dey live inside di Spirit, make we waka inside di Spirit sef.

26. Make we no dey feel- big, or provoke each oda, or dey jealous awasef.


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