Galatians Chapter 6

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Do Good To Everi-pesin

1. Brodas [and sistas], if sin don hold any man for work, una wey be spiritual pipo suppose use sofri correct am. But watch yoursef, or yousef fit fall for temptation.

2. Carry each oda load, and na by dis way una go take obey di law of Christ.

3. If any-pesin tink sey he be sometin wen e be notin, he dey whyne hinsef.

4. But make everi-pesin reason hin own work, so dat e fit make-mouth for only hinsef, and make he no compare hinsef wit anoda pesin,

5. make everi-pesin carry hin own load.

6. Make any-pesin wey learn sometin from di word—share all good tins wit hin teacher.

7. No dagbo yoursef, you no fit whyne Baba-God. Wetin pesin plant nahin go harvest.

8. Di pesin wey dey plant for hin way of sin, na from dat way—he go take kpeme; di pesin wey dey plant for di Spirit, na from di Spirit he go take harvest everlasting life.

9. Make we no taya as we dey do beta tins, wen time don reach, we go get blessings, if we no gas out [taya].

10. So make we do good to everi-pesin, any time wey we get di chance—especially to those pipo wey dey inside di family of God-pipo.

No Be Circumcision, But Na New Pesin

11. See di big-big writing wey I take dey write to una wit my own hand!

12. All those pipo wey wan show demsef as beta pipo for dia body—dey try to use gragra make una circumcise. So dat dem go fit escape make pipo no show dem pepper becos of di cross of Christ.

13. Even those pipo wey don circumcise no dey gree obey di law, but dem wan make una circumcise, so dat dem go fit make-mouth wit una circumcision.

14. But Baba-God forbid make I make-mouth—except wit di cross of awa Oga Jesus Christ, tru am, di world don kpeme for where I dey, and me sef don die to di world.

15. Whether you circumcise or not—e no mean anytin: di koko na di new life.

16. Peace and mercy to all di pipo wey follow dis rule, even to Israel of God.

17. From now on, make no- pesin cos wahala for me, becos di marks of Jesus dey for my body. 18. Brodas, make di grace of awa Oga Jesus Christ dey wit una spirit. Amen.


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