Hebrews Chapter 1

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Di Son Wey Get Levels Pass Angels

1. Before-before, Baba-God use prophets follow awa papa-papa-papa tok many times, and wit different ways,

2. but for dis last days he use hin Son follow us yarn. Na him Baba-God use take make di world and Baba-God don choose am—to take over everitin.

3. Di Son dey shine wit Baba-God levels [glory], and nahin be di fotocopy copy of Baba-God, and he dey maintain everitin wit di pawa of hin word. Afta he don wash awa sins komot by hinsef, he sidon for di right hand of Baba-God—wey get levels as King for heaven.

4. So he con get plenty levels pass di angels, as di name wey Baba-God give am, get levels pass dem.

5. Which of di angels Baba-God ever tell sey, “You be my Son; today Igobeyour Papa”? Or “I go be hin Papa and he go be my pikin”?

6. And again, wen Baba-God bring hin first born enta dis world, he tok sey, “Make all Baba-God angels worship am.”

7. Na wetin he tok about diangels be dis, “He make hin angels like spirits, and hin servants like burning faya.”

8. Na wetin he tok about di Son be dis, “Oh God, your king-chair go last for ever and ever, and justice go be di staff of your kingdom.

9. You love goodness, con ha t e wickedness; so Baba-God your God—don choose and anoint you wit di ororo of happiness—pass everi of your mate.”

10. He still tok sey, “Oh Oga, from di starting you set di foundations of di earth, and di heavens na your hand work.

11. Dem go scata, but you go still dey; dem go fade like cloth.

12. You go fold dem like cloth; you go change dem. But you always dey di same, and you go live forever.”

13. Which of di angels Baba-God ever tell sey, “Sidon for my right hand—until I put your enemies under your leg like stool.”?

14. Abi all angels no be spirits wey Baba-God send to take care of those pipo wey Baba-God go give salvation?


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