Hebrews Chapter 10

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Christ Don Sacrifice Once and For All

1. Di law wey just be shadow of di good tins wey dey come, and no be di reality esef, no fit use di same sacrifice wey dem dey always give year afta year—take make di worshippers dey perfect.

2. Abi di sacrifice for neva stop? Becos e for don clean di sins of di worshippers once and for all, and dia mind of sin for don komot.

3. But instead, those sacrifices wey dem dey do everi year, dey make dem remember sins everi year.

4. E no dey possible for di blood of malu and goat—to carry sin komot.

5. Nahin make—wen Christ enta di world, he tell Baba-God sey: “You no want animal sacrifice or sin offerings, but you don give me body to give as sacrifice.

6. Body no sweet you wit burnt offering and offering for sin.

7. I con tok sey, ‘See, I don come to do your will, Oh Baba-God—as dem write am about me for di Holy-books.’ ”

8. First-first, Christ tok sey, “You no want animal sacrifice or sin offering, or burnt offerings, or oda offerings for sin, or sey dem make you happy” [wey dem dey give, based-on di law].

9. Naso he tok sey, “See, I don come do your will.” He cancel di first agreement, so dat he go fit stand di second one.

10. Na by di will of Baba-God we take dey holy once and for all, tru di sacrifice of di body of Jesus Christ.

11. Under di law, day by day di priest go stand to perform hin service for di altar; he dey give di same sacrifice again and again—wey no fit ever komot sin.

12. But awa High Priest (Christ), don give hinsef as sacrifice for sin, once and for all. He con sidon for di right hand of Baba-God.

13. Na for there he dey wait, until hin enemies turn to stool under hin leg.

14. Wit dat one sacrifice, he don make di pipo wey he dey free from sin—dey perfect forever.

15. Di Holy Spirit sef testify sey naso e be; afta wetin he don tok sey:

16. “Dis na di new agreement wey I go make wit di pipo—afta those days, naso Baba-God tok: I go put my law inside dia heart, and I go write my laws for dia mind.”

17. He con still tok sey: “I no go remember dia sins, and dia evil ways again.”

18. And wen he don forgive di sins, no need to give any more sacrifices again.

Make Una Endure

19. So brodas and sistas, since we don get di mind to enta di Most Holy place, by di blood of Jesus,

20. by new and living way wey he open for us, tru di curtain, wey be hin body,

21. and since we get great High Priest in charge of Baba-God house,

22. make we come near wit pure heart and wit full-mind of faith, and wit awa heart wey don dey sprinkled wit Christ blood—to clean us from evil conscience, and awa body wey don baff wit pure water.

23. Make we hold di hope tight—wey we dey tok about—wit no-shaking, becos Baba-God wey promise us—dey faithful.

24. And make we reason how we go take ginger one anoda to love, and to do beta works.

25. Make we no fashi to gada togeda, as some of una don already dey do, but make una ginger each oda—make una do am more-more, as una see sey di Day don dey reach for Christ to come back.

26. If we purposely kontinu to dey commit sin, afta we don receive di knowledge of di truth, no sacrifice for sin dey again,

27. but make we only dey expect serious judgement, and faya wey dey vex, wey go burn Baba-God enemies.

28. If two or three witness confam sey pesin no gree obey di law of Moses, dem bin kill dat pesin wit-out mercy.

29. How you con tink sey di punishment go serious reach for pesin wey march di Son of God under hin leg, pesin wey don treat di blood of di agreement wey make am holy—as sometin wey no dey holy, and pesin wey don insult di Spirit of grace?

30. We know am, wey tok sey, “Na me get revenge; I go repay,” naso Baba-God tok. And again, “Di Oga go judge hin pipo.”

31. Na serious yawa for you to fall enta Baba-God hand.

32. Remember those days before-before, afta wen una first see di light, una endure serious struggle wit palava.

33. Sometimes dem insult una for publik, and show una pepper; and sometimes, una stand wit those pipo wey dem treat like dat.

34. Una sorry-for those pipo wey dey for prison, and una use happiness accept—wen dem obtain una properties, becos una know sey una get beta property for heaven—wey dey last forever.

35. So make you no fashi di full-mind wey you get, wey get beta pay.

36. You need to endure, so dat afta you don do wetin Baba-God want, you go fit receive di promise.

37. “E no go tey at all, di pesin wey dey come, go show- face, and he no go waste time.

38. Now, di good pipo go live by faith. And if any-pesin slack, my soul no go happy wit am.”

39. But we no dey among those pipo wey dey slack—con kpeme, but we dey among those pipo wey believe—to save dia soul.


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