Hebrews Chapter 11

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Ogbonge Examples Of Faith

1. Faith mean sey; we dey sure sey awa hope na sure-banker, and we believe sometin wey we neva see wit awa korokoro eyes.

2. Na by faith dem take tok beta tins about di senior-men.

3. Wit faith, we understand sey Baba-God make dis world wit hin words, sote di tins wey you dey see so—show-face from tins wey we no fit see.

4. Wit faith, Abel give Baba-God sacrifice wey beta pass Cain sacrifice. Wit faith Baba-God confam am as good man—wen Baba-God tok beta tins about hin offering. And by hin faith, he still dey tok, even though he don kpeme.

5. Wit faith, Enoch move go heaven, sote he no gree die; dem no see am again becos Baba-God don carry am komot. Before he move, Baba-God confam am as pesin wey make am happy.

6. But wit-out faith, e no dey possible to make Baba-God happy, becos any-pesin wey wan come meet Baba-God must believe sey he dey kamkpe, and sey he dey bless pipo wey dey fyne am wit seriousness.

7. Wit faith wen Baba-God warn Noah about di tins wey he neva see, he con use di fear of Baba-God take build big boat (Ark) to save hin family. Wit hin faith, Noah condemn di world, con share inside di goodness wey dey based-on faith.

8. Wit faith wen Baba-God call Abraham, he obey, con go one land wey Baba-God promise to give am, even though he no know where he dey go.

9. Wit faith Abraham stay for di promise land like jjc for anoda man kontri; he live inside tents as Isaac and Jacob sef do—wey follow am share inside di same promise.

10. Abraham bin dey wait for di city wit foundation wey Baba-God design and build.

11. Wit faith, Sarah hersef receive pawa to get-belle, and she born pikin wen she don pass di age, becos she reason sey Baba-God wey promise, dey faithful.

12. And naso dis one man, wey be like pesin wey wan kpeme—take born plenty pikin wey burku like stars for sky—and wey brekete like sand-sand for beach.

13. All dis pipo kpeme inside faith. Dem no receive di promise, but dem only see am from far-far, and dem welcome am. And dem gree sey dem be jjc, and travellers for dis earth.

14. Pipo wey dey tok dat kain tin—dey clear sey dem dey fyne dia own kontri.

15. If dem bin dey true-true reason di kontri wey dem komot from, dem for see chance go back.

16. But now, dem dey fyne be t a kontri—heavenly kontri. So shame no dey catch Baba-God if dem call am dia God, becos he don arrange city for dem.

17. Wit faith wen Baba-God test Abraham, he give Isaac as sacrifice. Abraham wey don receive di promise bin ready to sacrifice hin one and only son,

18. even though Baba-God don tell am sey, “Na tru Isaac dem go count your pikin-pikin-pikin.”

19. Abraham reason sey Baba-God fit raise Isaac from di dead, and based-on reasoning—Isaac come back to life.

20. Wit faith, Isaac bless Jacob and Esau for dia future.

21. Wit faith—wen Jacob wan die, he bless all Joseph sons, con bow to praise Baba-God—as he rest hin body on top of hin staff.

22. Wen Joseph don dey old, wit faith—he tok about as di Israelite go take komot from Egypt, con tell dem wetin dem go do hin bones.

23. Wit faith Moses papa and mama hide am for three months afta dem born am, becos dem see sey na fine pikin, and dem no fear di law of di king.

24. Wit faith—wen Moses don big, he no gree make dem call am Pharaoh daughter pikin.

25. He gree make dem treat am anyhow wit God-pipo, instead make he dey flex as sin take sweet for only short-time.

26. Di suffer-head inside Christ make-sense to am pass di beta-beta-tins wey dey for Egypt; becos he know sey he go receive blessings.

27. Wit faith, he komot from Egypt. He no fear sey di king go para; he kontinu becos he see Baba-God wey no-pesin fit see.

28. Wit faith Moses keep di Passover, and di sprinkling of blood, so dat di angel of death no go touch di firstborn of Israel.

29. Wit faith, di pipo of Israel pass tru di Red sea like sey na dry land. But as di Egyptians try to pass, di water carry dem go.

30. Wit faith, di wall of Jericho fall yakata, afta di pipo march round am for seven days.

31. Wit faith, di ashawo wey dem dey call Rahab no kpeme wit those pipo wey no gree believe, wen she welcome di spies wit peace.

32. And wetin una wan make I tok join? I no get enuff time to tok about Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel, plus di prophets,

33. wey use faith take over-pawa kingdoms, dem rule wit goodness, obtain di promise, and close lions mouth,

34. dem quench hot faya wey dey para, and escape death from sword. Dia sme-sme turn to pawa, and dem con get pawa to fight war, and even make foreign armies jakpa.

35. Women receive di pipo wey dem love wey kpeme—back to life. Dem show some odas pepper, and dem no agree fashi Baba-God for dia freedom—so dat dem go fit raise up again wit beta life. 36. Pipo yab and flog some of dem, and dem chain odas, con put dem for prison.

37. Pipo stone dem, dem use saw cut dem into two, dem face temptation, dem kill dem wit sword. Dem dey waka about wit sheepskin and goatskin, dem no get shi-shi, dem face palava, and pipo treat dem anyhow.

38. Di world no need beta pipo like dem. Dem dey waka upandan for desert and mountains, and for inside rock, and inside hole for ground.

39. All dis pipo get beta name for demsef, becos of dia faith—but none of dem still receive wetin Baba-God promise.

40. Baba-God don plan sometin wey beta pass for us, so dat togeda wit us, dem go fit dey perfect.


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