Hebrews Chapter 12

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Baba-God Dey Correct Hin Sons

1. So since we sef get plenty pipo around us wey be witness of di life of faith, make we throway everitin wey dey hold us down, plus di sin wey dey easily catch us, and make we use endurance take run di race wey set for awa front.

2. Make we put awa eyes on Jesus—di starting, and finishing of awa faith—wey becos of di joy wey dey wait for am, he endure for di cross, he bone di shame, and now he sidon for di right hand of Baba-God king-chair.

3. Reason Jesus wey endure dat kain badbelle from sinners—so dat una no go taya and una no go lose hope.

4. As you dey struggle wit sin, you neva fight am reach—sote you con shed your own blood.

5. Abi una don forget di yarning wey ginger una, con call una hin pikin? “My pikin, no take Baba-God discipline for play-play, and no lose heart wen he dey correct you,

6. becos Baba-God dey correct those pipo wey he love, and he dey punish everi-pesin wey he don accept as hin pikin.”

7. If you endure Baba-God discipline, Baba-God dey treat you as hin pikin. Which pikin dey wey hin papa no dey correct?

8. If dem no dey correct you as dem dey correct everi- pesin, dat mean sey you be bastard, and you no be Baba-God pikin.

9. All of us get papa wey correct us for dis world, and we respect dem. Abi we no go con give awa life more—to di Papa of spirits—so dat we go live?

10. So, awa papa correct us for short-time, as dem know wetin good for us; but Baba-God dey correct us for good, so dat we go fit share inside hin holiness.

11. No discipline dey first sweet pesin, but e dey pain pesin. But las-las e go dey produce peaceful fruit of goodness for any-pesin wey experience e training.

12. So ginger your hand wey don taya, and knee wey no-strong.

13. So level ground for your leg, so dat wetin no-strong—no go fall komot, but make e dey strong kakaraka.

Warning Make You No Fashi Baba-God

14. Try to live in peace wit all men, and live holy life; wit-out dem—no-pesin go see Baba-God.

15. Make una make sure sey no-pesin miss di grace of Baba-God,so dat no badbelle root go grow, con cos katakata and spoil plenty pipo.

16. Make sure sey no-pesin dey sex anyhow, or pesin wey no dey fear Baba-God like Esau—wey sell hin birth-right as senior pikin becos of plate of food.

17. Later, as una know, wen he wan collect hin papa blessing, dem reject am. He too late for am to repent, even wen he cry well- well for di blessing.

18. Di mountain wey una come meet no be fisikal mountain, wey dey burn wit faya, darkness, blackness, heavy-breeze,

19. and di sound of trumpet, and di voice of yarnings, sote di pipo wey hear am—beg make he no follow dem tok again,

20. becos dia mind no fit carry wetin Baba-God command: “ Even if animal touch di mountain, dem most stone am to death, or shoot am wit arrow.”

21. Wetin he see make am fear sote Moses con tok sey, “Fear don catch me well-well, and I dey shake.”

22. But una don come Mount Zion, to di heavenly Jerusalem, di city of di living God. You don come meet plenty-plenty thousands of angels,

23. to di full meeting, and di church of di firstborn, wey dem write dia names for heaven, and to Baba-God wey dey judge all men, to di spirit of pure men, wey Baba-God don make to dey perfect.

24. You don come meet Jesus wey be peace-maker of di new agreement, and to di blood wey dem sprinkle wey dey tok beta word pass di blood of Abel.

25. Make sure sey una no fashi di pesin wey dey follow una tok. If di Israelite no escape wen dem fashi Moses wey warn dem for earth, true-true, we no go fit escape—if we fashi di pesin wey dey tok from heaven.

26. From Mount Sanai, hin voice shake di earth dat time, but now he don promise, “Again, I go shake no be only di earth, but I go shake even di heavens sef.”

27. E mean sey everitin wey Baba-God make—go shake and remove komot—so dat only di tins wey no fit shake, go still dey kamkpe.

28. So, since we dey receive kingdom wey no fit shake, make we dey greatful, so dat we go fit worship Baba-God in a way wey he go like—wit respect and fear,

29. becos awa God na faya wey dey burn anytin to ashes.”


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