Hebrews Chapter 13

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Las-las Yarnings

1. Make una kontinu to dey love unasef as brodas and sistas.

2. No forget to accept jjc, naso pipo take epp angels and dem no know.

3. No fashi those pipo wey dey for prison—as if you dey for prison wit dem, and remember those pipo wey dey face wahala—as if yousef dey suffer wit dem.

4. Everi-pesin suppose respect marriage and dey faithful for marriage: but Baba-God go judge pipo wey dey do sex-anyhow, plus pipo wey dey climb pesin husband or wife.

5. Free your life from longatrot [ogboju for moni], and belleful wit wetin you get, becos Baba-God tok sey, “I no go ever bone you; or fashi you.”

6. So we fit use full-mind tok sey, “Baba-God na my epper; fear no go catch me. Wetin man fit do me sef?

7. Remember una leaders, wey follow una tok Baba-God word. Reason di result of dia way—and copy dia faith.

8. Jesus Christ na di same yesterday, today and forever.

9. No waka-lose wit different, and strange ideas. E dey good make awa heart stand gidigbam by grace, no be by rules about food, wey di pipo wey dey follow dem—no dey gain anytin from.

10. We get altar wey di pipo wey dey serve inside di worship-place—no get right to chop from.

11. Di high priest go carry di blood of di animal enta di Holy- place as offering of sins, but dem go con burn di body outside di camp.

12. Naso Jesus sef take suffer outside di city gate, to make pipo holy tru hin blood.

13. Make we sef go meet am outside di camp, as we suffer di disgrace wey he suffer.

14. Wenoget any city wey go last forever for dis world, but we dey wait for di city wey go come.

15. Tru Jesus, make we always dey give Baba-God sacrifice of praise—wey be di fruit of awa lips wey dey give tanks to hin name.

16. And no forget to do good, and share wit pipo wey need epp, na dat kain sacrifice dey make Baba-God happy.

17. Obey your leaders and do wetin dem sey make you do. Dem dey watch your life as men wey must give ansa to Baba-God. Obey dem so dat dia work go sweet dem, and no make dia work hard for dem—wetin you gain from dat one?

18. Pray for us. We get full-mind sey we get clean-heart, and we wan live to do di right tins—for everi way.

19. I dey beg una well-well to pray, so dat I no go tey come meet una.

20. Make Baba-God of peace, wey raise awa Oga Jesus from di dead—di great shepherd of di sheep, tru di blood of di everlasting agreement,

21. make you dey perfect for everi beta work, so dat you go fit do wetin he want, and make Baba-God work inside you, di tins wey dey good for hin eyes, tru Jesus Christ—wey dey receive all di glory for ever and ever. Amen.

22. My pipo, I dey beg una to accept di message wey dey inside dis short letter wey I dey write to una.

23. I wan make una know sey dem don release awa broda Timothy. If he quick come, he go follow me come see una.

24. Greet all una leaders and all God-pipo. Those pipo from Italy dey send dia greetings.

25. Make Baba-God grace dey wit all of una. Amen


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