Hebrews Chapter 2

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Warning Make You Put Ears For Ground

1. We must put-mind on wetin we don hear, so dat we no go waka-lose.

2. If di message wey Baba-God bin use angels tok—stand gidigbam, and everi sin and disobedience—receive e punishment,

3. how we go take escape—if we fashi dis ogbonge salvation wey Oga Jesus carry come, and wey di pipo wey hear am—tell us?

4. Baba-God confam di message both wit signs and wonders, plus plenty miracles, and wit di gift of di Holy Spirit wey he share—based-on hin wish.

Baba-God Make Jesus Like Hin Brodas

5. Baba-God no put angels in charge of di world wey dey come, wey I dey tok about so.

6. For one place, dem tok sey: “Wetin be man wey you dey reason am, and man pikin wey you care about am?

7. You make am low pass angels for short time; you crown am wit levels plus respect.

8. You give am pawa over everitin.” As He put everi-everi under Jesus, e no get anytin wey Baba-God no put under am. But as e be so, we neva see sey everi-everi dey under Jesus.

9. But we dey see Jesus, wey Baba-God make angels get small levels pass for short-time, but Baba-God crown am now wit levels plus respect, becos he suffer as dem kill am, so dat by di grace of Baba-God he go taste death for everi-pesin.

10. Baba-God wey get everitin and wey make everitin, choose to bring many pipo enta hin levels, and e make sense sey he make Jesus wey be di captain of dia salvation—perfect, tru hin suffer-suffer.

11. Both di pesin wey dey make men holy, and those wey he make holy—na one. Nahin make Jesus no dey shame to call dem brodas.

12. He sey, “I go tok about your name to my brodas and sistas; I go sing praises to you—for where your pipo gada.”

13. And again, “I go trust Am.” And again he tok sey, “Na me be dis, wit di pikin wey Baba-God don give me.”

14. Since Baba-God pikin na human beings wit flesh and blood, di Son sef turn to flesh and blood, so dat he go fit die, and hin death go scata di pawa of di devil wey get di pawa of death.

15. And he free those pipo wey don live dia life under slavery, becos of dia fear of death.

16. True-true no be angels di Son come to epp, but na Abraham pikin.

17. Nahin make Baba-God make am to be like hin brodas in everi way, so dat he go be faithful high priest wey dey sorry-for pipo as he dey do Baba-God work—to give sacrifice so dat Baba-God go forgive di sins of di pipo.

18. Since hinsef suffer, and don pass tru temptation, he fit epp us wen we dey pass tru temptation.


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