Hebrews Chapter 3

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Jesus Great Pass Moses

1. So, holy brodas and sistas, wey dey share inside di heavenly calling, reason dis Jesus wey we dey tok about—as Baba-God messenger and High priest.

2. He dey faithful to Baba-God wey choose am, just as Moses bin dey faithful for all Baba-God house.

3. Jesus get levels pass Moses, just as pesin wey build house dey get levels pass di house esef.

4. Everi house get pesin wey build am, but na Baba-God build everitin.

5. Moses bin dey faithful as servant for inside all Baba-God house, and hin work na testimoni of wetin pipo go tok about later,

6. but Christ—as Pikin wey dey in charge of hin own house—and na we be hin house, if we hold di full-mind wey we get—tight until di end, and di hope wey we dey use make-mouth.

Warning Against Pipo Wey No Gree Believe

7. So as di Holy Spirit tok sey: “If you hear hin voice today,

8. no make your heart strong [no get coconut-head] as Israel pipo bin do wen dem rebel, for di days of dia temptation for inside desert.

9. Una papa test me, con try my me, and dem see my works for forty years.

10. Na wetin make me para for dat generation, I con tok sey, ‘Dia heart dey always waka miss- road, and dem no sabi my ways.’

11. So I swear as I dey vex, ‘Dem no go enta inside my rest.’ ”

12. Brodas and sistas, make una dey careful. Make sure sey none of una get evil heart wey no gree believe and wey dey waka komot from di way of di living God.

13. But make una ginger each oda spirit everi day, as long as dem call am “today,” so dat sin no go scam una to get coconut-head.

14. We go share inside everitin wey belong to Christ, if we get di full-mind wey we first get—till di end,

15. As dem tok am: “If you hear hin voice today, no make your heart strong [no get coconut-head] as una bin do wen una turn against Baba-God.”

16. And who be those pipo wey hear Baba-God word, and dem still disobey? Abi no be di same pipo wey Moses carry komot from Egypt?

17. And who Baba-God vex for—for forty years? No be for those pipo wey commit sin, wey dia body fall inside desert?

18. Who Baba-God swear sey dem no go enta inside hin rest, no be those pipo wey disobey am?

19. So we see sey dem no fit enta, becos dem no gree believe.


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