Hebrews Chapter 4

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Sabbath Rest For God-pipo

1. So, since di promise to enta inside Baba-God rest still dey, make we dey careful so dat none of una go miss am.

2. Dem don preach di good news to us, just as dem sef don hear am; but dem no gain anytin from di message wey dem hear—becos dem no believe am.

3. We wey believe, dey enta inside hin rest, as he tok sey, “I don swear as I dey vex, ‘dem no go enta inside my rest,’ ” even though di works don finish from di foundation of di world.

4. He tok like dis for one place, about di seventh day, “Baba-God rest on di seventh day from all hin works.”

5. And again for dis place he tok sey, “Dem no go enta my rest.”

6. So since di rest still dey so dat pipo must enta inside am, and those pipo wey first hear dis good news no fit enta becos dem no gree believe,

7. so Baba-God con set anoda time for dem, and he tok tru David—sey, “Today,” afta e don tey well-well, as dem tok, “If you hear hin voice, no make your heart strong [no get coconut-head].

8. If Joshua bin give dem rest, Baba-God for no later tok about anoda day of rest wey go come.

9. So rest still dey for God- pipo;

10. Any-pesin wey enta Baba-God rest—hinsef don rest from hin own work, just as Baba-God rest afta he make di world.

11. So, make we work to enta inside dat rest, so dat no-pesin go fall komot—based-on di same example of how dem disobey.

12. Baba-God word dey alive and e get pawa. E sharp pass sword wey get two side, e fit shuuk pesin soul and spirit, joint, plus inside-bone; e dey judge wetin pesin dey reason and di tin wey dey for dia heart.

13. Notin dey dis world wey Baba-God no fit see wit hin eyes. Everitin dey naked and open korokoro for di eyes of di God wey we must explain to—as we take live dis life.

Jesus Na Di Ogbonge High Priest

14. So, since we get ogbonge high priest wey don waka enta di heavens—Jesus wey be Baba-God Son, make we hold di faith tight—wey we dey tok about.

15. We no get High priest wey no fit feel sey we no-strong, but he face temptation for everi point, just as we sef face temptation—but he no still commit sin.

16. So make we waka go di king-chair of Baba-God grace wit full-mind, so dat we go fit receive mercy, con see grace wey fit epp us wen we need am.


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