Hebrews Chapter 5

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1. Dem dey select everi high priest among men, and dem dey select dem to represent men for mata wit Baba-God, and to give gift, plus sacrifice for sins.

2. High priest suppose fit use jeje deal wit those pipo wey no know anytin, and wey don dey waka-lose, since hinsef dey under weakness.

3. Nahin make hinsef dey give sacrifice for hin own sins, and for di sins of di pipo.

4. No-pesin fit be high priest becos he just want di respect for hinsef; Baba-God must call am, just like Aaron.

5. Nahin make Christ no give hinsef levels to be High priest. But na Baba-God tell am sey, “You be my Son; today I be to your Papa.”

6. And he tok for anoda place sey, “You be priest forever, based-on di order of Melchizedek.”

7. For di days of Jesus life for earth, he make prayer and request, wit serious cry, plus tears—to Baba-God wey fit save am from death, and Baba-God hear am becos he fear Baba-God.

8. Even though he be Baba-God Son, he learn how to obey from di tins wey he suffer.

9. As he con dey perfect, nahin con make di everlasting way to save pipo—to everi pesin wey obey Am,

10. and Baba-God choose am to be High Priest—based-on di order of Melchizedeck.

Warning Make Una No Fall Komot

11. We get plenty tins to tok about am, but e dey hard to explain becos una no dey hear word.

12. True-true, by dis time, una don suppose dey teach pipo sef, but una still need pesin to dey teach una simple truth of Baba-God word. Una be small small pikin wey need milk, no be meat wey strong!

13. Any-pesin wey still dey drink milk, na small pikin wey neva sabi di pure yarnings.

14. But strong food na for mature pipo wey sabi use dia sense and experience take overstand both good and evil.


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