Hebrews Chapter 6

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1. So make we stop to dey repeat di simple teachings about Christ again and again, and make we face perfection, no be sey we go still dey start from scratch to preach for pipo to repent from wetin fit make dem kpeme, and to get faith in Baba-God,

2. and about di teaching of baptism, to lay hands, about raising from di dead, and about everlasting judgement.

3. And we go do am by Baba-God will.

4. E no dey possible for those pipo wey don first see di light—wey don taste di gift from heaven, and wey don share inside di Holy Spirit,

5. wey don taste di good word of Baba-God, and di pawas of di world wey go come,

6. if dem backslide, for dem to con repent again. As dem fashi Christ, dem dey nail di Son of God again for cross—con disgrace am for publik.

7. Land wey dey drink from rain wey dey always dey fall on top am, and wey dey produce plant wey make sense for di pipo wey get am—dey receive Baba-God blessing.

8. But if di land grow wit shuku-shuku and bush flower—dem go fashi di land, and di farmer go curse dat land sharp-sharp, con burn am las-las.

9. My correct padi, even though we dey tok like dis, we get full-mind for una about beta tins. Yes, tins wey dey follow salvation come.

10. Baba-God no dey do ojoro sote he go con fashi una hustle, plus di love wey una don show hin name—as una dey epp hin pipo, and kontinu to epp dem.

11. We really wan make all of una show di same seriousness reach di end—so dat awa hope go be sure-banker—and sey e go come to pass.

12. so dat una no go dey do sme-sme, instead make una follow di example of those pipo wey use faith and patience—take collect wetin Baba-God don promise.

Baba-God Promise Na Sure-banker

13. Wen Baba-God promise Abraham, since no-pesin great pass am wey he go use swear. He use hin own name take swear,

14. sey, “I go surely bless you, and I go make you spread.”

15. So afta he wait wit patience, Abraham receive wetin Baba-God promise am.

16. Men dey swear wit pesin wey great pass dem, and oath wey pipo take to confam wetin dem tok—dey settle kwanta.

17. Baba-God don swear wit oath, so dat those pipo wey receive di promise go dey sure sey he no go ever change hin mind.

18. So Baba-God don give us promise and oath. Baba-God no fit change dis two tins becos he no fit lie, so dat we wey don run go meet am—to hide awa head for hin side, go get full-mind for di hope wey dey for awa front.

19. Dis hope wey we get fit hold di ship of awa soul wit no- shaking, di hope na sure-banker, e dey kamkpe, and e fit carry us pass di curtain—enta inside di Most- holy-place.

20. Jesus don already go there for us. He don turn to awa everlasting High Priest for di order of Melchizedek.


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