Hebrews Chapter 7

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Melchizedek Di Priest

1. Dis Melchizedek na king of Salem and na priest of Baba-God di Most High. He meet Abraham as Abraham dey come back—wen he don defeat di kings, naso he bless Abraham,

2. so Abraham give am tithe of everitin. Melchizedek first means, “King of goodness”; and hin name still mean, “King of Salem” wey mean, “King of peace.”

3. No-pesin know about hin papa or mama, or hin ancestors, no-pesin know wen dem born am, or di end of hin life, like di Son of God, he be priest forever.

4. Imagine how great Melchizedek bin dey: wey even Abraham di palee, give am tithe of di best tins wey he collect from di kings!

5. Now di law of Moses tok sey di priest, wey be pikin- pikin-pikin of Levi, based-on di law, go receive tithes from di pipo—wey be dia brodas, even though dem sef be Abraham pikin- pikin-pikin.

6. But Melchizedek wey no be Levi pikin-pikin-pikin—still collect tithe from Abraham, con bless Abraham wey don already receive di promise.

7. And no be lie, na di pesin wey big pass nahin dey bless di small pesin.

8. Di priests wey dey collect tithes na men wey fit kpeme, so Melchizedek great pass dem, becos dem tell us sey he still dey alive reach now.

9. Pesin fit even tok sey Levites, wey dey collect di tithe, pay dia own tithe to Melchizedek, wen dia ancestors Abraham pay tithe to Melchizedek.

10. Even though dem neva born Levi dat time, Levi dey inside Abraham body—wen Melchizedek collect tithe from Abraham.

Jesus Just Like Melchizedek

11. If pipo fit dey perfect tru di Leventical priesthood [na based-on am, dem take give di pipo di law], why anoda priest still need to show—priest from di line of Melchizedek, no be from di order of Aaron?

12. Wen di rules for selecting priest change, di law sef must change.

13. Di priest wey we dey tok about, belong to different tribe, and no-pesin from dat tribe don ever serve for di altar.

14. E dey clear sey, awa Oga na from di tribe of Judah, and Moses no tok anytin about priests from dat tribe.

15. Dis change dey very clear, since different priest—wey be like Melchizedek don show- face.

16. Jesus na priest, no be based-on di fisikal law, but based- on di pawa of di everlasting life.

17. Dem tok about am sey: “You be priest forever, based-on di order of Melchizedek.”

18. Baba-God put di old rules of priesthood for one corner—becos e no-strong, and e dey useless.

19. Di law no make anytin perfect. But now we get beta hope wey we go use come near Baba-God.

20. And dis new system na wit oath! Before-before, pipo be priest wit-out dis kain oath,

21. (dem become priest wit- out oath, but Christ become priest wit oath, by di God wey tell am sey: “Baba-God don swear, and he no go change hin mind: ‘You be priest forever, based-on di order of Melchizedeck.’ ”

22. Becos of dis oath, Jesus turn to guarantee for di agreement wey beta pass.

23. And true-true, plenty priests bin dey, but death don stop dem to kontinu dia work;

24. But becos Jesus dey live forever, he dey serve as priest forever.

25. So, Jesus fit fully save pipo wey dey come meet Baba-God tru am, becos he dey live forever to pray for dem.

26. Dat kain high priest nahin we need. High priest wey holy, innocent, pure, wey dey far-far from sinners, and wey get levels pass heaven.

27. No be just like di oda high priest, wey need to give sacrifice day by day. Di old priest go give sacrifice for hin own sins first, and for di sins of di pipo. Once and for all, Christ sacrifice for di sins of di pipo—wen he give hinsef as sacrifice.

28. Di law bin dey choose men wey no perfect—as high priests; but Baba-God promise wey come afta di law, choose di Son wey Baba-God don make perfect forever.


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